How to Prepare for Hiring Needs in 2024

Jan 2, 2024
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Gearing up for a new year often comes with setting goals and looking toward the future. If your small business is growing (or you’d like it to be), hiring may play a key role in 2024. Explore our guide to preparing for recruiting needs this coming year.

Assess Current Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you decide what positions you want to create or fill, take a moment to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of your team. Identify what skills your employees have and which ones might be lacking. Could existing team members take on additional responsibility after completing training and development? If so, you might be able to put off hiring a new employee, at least for a while.

Identify Positions that Need to be Filled

With a firm grasp on what the team is doing well and where improvements could happen, you can create a list of roles that need to be filled. Maybe you’re creating additional positions on your sales team to fuel growth, or perhaps your goals involve establishing more brand awareness with a bigger marketing team. You could even need to create a new department to provide support or additional resources.

Dig Up Job Descriptions

Now that you have a list of what roles you need to hire for in 2024, you can start prepping for the recruiting process. If you’re backfilling an existing position, the job description may be out there somewhere. Try to find it, but don’t just throw it onto job boards immediately. Instead, review the content and determine whether everything is still accurate.

A job description is often the first interaction a jobseeker will have with your company, so it’s important to make a positive impression. Instead of listing out bulleted responsibilities and skills, why not spice it up a bit and make it more interesting to the reader? Include information about the company culture and what someone can expect when working in this role.

You can also use templates to further simplify this process. It’s easy to create and store description templates within ApplicantStack, a powerful recruiting and onboarding platform built for small business needs.

Jazz Up Your Online Presence

Today’s jobseekers are more interested in finding jobs that are the right fit, so they’re spending more time looking at companies to ensure alignment. If your website is outdated or your social media accounts are gathering dust, take some time to jazz them up. Create or update your careers page to emphasize what you’re looking for when it comes to new members of the team, and leverage social media to get in front of a wider audience.

Improve Your Hiring Process

If you ask hiring managers and small business owners what they dislike about hiring, aspects of the process will likely come up. For many organizations, the process of finding and bringing on talent is clunky, slow, and frustrating. But as 2024 kicks off, why not make it easier on yourself and everyone else involved?

Implement an applicant-tracking system that keeps everyone on the same page. ApplicantStack is affordable yet packed with features, including job posting and communication tools that make hiring easier for all. Plus, you can utilize the onboarding functionality when you find your top talent and they accept your offer.

Learn more about ApplicantStack and how it can help you ramp up your hiring efforts in 2024. Try it for free or take a quick tour to see how it works.

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