What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Attract, Manage and Hire Your Next Great Employee

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you sift through candidates more efficiently and keep track of all your applications, requirement and notes—helping you find and hire the best person for your needs.

Get an at-a-glance view of the potential employee’s status and easily identify the next steps to bring your newest employee onboard.

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How an applicant tracking system works

Recruiting & Hiring

An applicant tracking system helps post and amplify job openings to countless job boards and collect and organize candidates’ applications, saving hiring managers and recruiters valuable time. Using technology such as AI to search for keywords and skills to automatically sift through hundreds of applications and resumes is a big timesaver.

Applicant Management

Recruiters and hiring managers are able to easily and efficiently parse, sort and rank candidates. Additionally, a centralized hub for communicating with candidates helps those top candidates not slip through the cracks.

Bringing On New Hires

Once the decision has been made and the job offer accepted, then starts the process of quickly, yet thoroughly getting the new employee up-to-speed. An applicant tracking system will help disseminate and store all vital documents the new employee needs to get started. And with the texting and email built-in, you have the tools needed to effectively communicate what is needed.

Using an applicant tracking system makes hiring a piece of cake


the amount of time saved in the hiring cycle when using an effective applicant tracking system


recruiters that believe using applicant tracking tech has reduced time-to-hire


recruiters that agree the quality of their new hires has increased since implementing an ATS


recruiters that agree that their applicant tracking system has had a positive impact on hiring processes

Why using an applicant tracking system matters

Recruiting the best team for your business is a major challenge, with the additional pressure to hire the right people the first time—every time. And it’s not uncommon to receive hundreds of applications when you are building your team. Having an applicant tracking system keeps all the information organized and accessible in one place.

Simplify the hiring process and save time, stress and energy. Here are a few reasons why using an applicant tracking system at your company matters.

Post & amplify job openings

Whether you need to hire 1 person a year or 1,000; whether you are looking to hire molecular mechanical engineers, truck drivers, nurses or chefs – there is a job board just for you that can help you save precious time and find the right hire.

Improve collaboration & reduce time-to-hire

Relying on inefficient manual processes paired with hit-or-miss collaboration and miscommunication with the hiring team means that applicants crawl through the hiring process. This elongates the time-to-hire which increases the overall cost-to-hire. An applicant tracking system enables manual processes to be automated and increases collaboration for the entire team throughout the hiring journey.

Utilizing AI for candidate filtering

Applicant tracking systems will help you and your team quickly filter their candidates by setting minimum requirements—years of experience, educational background or particular skills. With the use of AI, applications and resumes are scanned for skills and predetermined keywords to effortlessly weed out unqualified applicants.

Increase candidate engagement

Taking a candidate through the hiring process—from first touchpoint through onboarding—requires a lot of communication. If not careful, it’s extremely easy to lose track of a perfect applicant because of slow response times or poor engagement throughout the journey. An applicant tracking system creates more visibility throughout the applicant’s lifecycle, so interactions—whether in-person or via email or text—don’t fall through the cracks.

Get new employees up-to-speed quickly

Effective new employee onboarding can boost the retention of new hires by 82%. With a top applicant tracking system, you’re able to have a seamless hiring and onboarding experience. This helps ensure all candidates who accept a position have the documents and info they need to hit the ground running on day one.

Catered to hiring all types of employees

No matter who you need to hire, an ATS makes it happen faster. Bringing on seasonal workers or temporary hires? No problem.

Gig workers are also easy to access, thanks to the 100+ job boards you can post to with one click.

Why ApplicantStack?

With 20 years of industry experience, 30,000+ users and more than 1,000,000+ jobs posted, applicant tracking is in our DNA.

From the creation of the job description to the onboarding of your newest employee, ApplicantStack has the tools and automations to guide you through the hiring process and free you and your team from the mundane to focus on what matters most—the people that make your company tick.

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