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Give your hiring team an at-a-glance view of the candidate status and easily identify next steps. Let ApplicantStack efficiently move candidates through the different stages of the hiring process and help you keep track of all your talent acquisition details—helping you find your ideal employee.

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What if applying was as
simple as sending a text?

Being able to reach top candidates efficiently and quickly and doing so in a manner most used by society as a whole is priority #1 in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive hiring environment.

Here are just a few reasons using ApplicantStack’s texting features within Applicant Tracking will set your hiring team up for success today and in the weeks, months and years to come:

Connect with candidates where they are – on their phones!

Ensure candidates get the message – texts have a 200% higher response rate than email and 98% of texts are actively read

Optimize effort with batch SMS messaging to all applicants at once, automatically

Maintain your engagement with two-way texting that keeps the discussion moving forward

Improve recruiting efficiency for candidates and your hiring team

Make better, more informed hiring choices quickly — and as a team

Sometimes you need to hire fast and efficient, but others call for a more thorough dive. But in either situation, being able to seamlessly collaborate with your team to pick the best candidate for the position is invaluable.

Interview scorecards accommodate a more efficient hiring process and help you and your team easily collaborate in rating applicants based on the qualifications outlined for the open position. When used correctly, they help curb bias, facilitate collaboration and allow companies to evaluate talent on factors that contribute to the bottom line.

In the end, an interview scoring tool is something hiring managers and interviewers use to grade candidates after interviews. this tool can make the hiring process more objective and help produce better-quality hires.

Hire the ideal candidate with complete confidence

How can you be sure you’re hiring the right people? Part of it is trusting your instincts, judgment and experience, but another crucial part is having all the candidate information you need.

Our simple, streamlined background check solutions can help you get the data you need to hire – and work – smarter.

Recruiting Software | ApplicantStack Recruit

Track your candidates

Having a pipeline of candidates is a good problem to have, it can also cause issues in tracking and managing throughout the hiring journey. ApplicantStack can assist with candidate engagement by automating portions of communication, setting triggers for each stage of the hiring process as well as scheduling emails and interviews.

Knockout questions

Developing knockout questions to auto-disqualify candidates based on a criteria set by you and your team is easy way to automate a portion of your hiring. Knockout questions tag candidates that have answered your designated questions incorrectly. Take the automation further by removing those candidates from your active pipeline.

Keep your team on the same page

Collaborating throughout the hiring and interview process is a common practice in todays’s workplace. With hring software, you can increase productivity, avoid costly time wasting and redundancies, and settle on better choices at a quicker pace. Stay concise yet thorough when hiring with ApplicantStack.

Reduce time to hire

By automating portions of your hiring journey—i.e. applicant pre-screening, pre-employment assessments, nurturing, workflow automation, and candidate engagement—you help your recruiting team hire and close the job position much quicker and efficiently and focus on more strategic efforts than tactical ones.

Reduce mundane tasks and concentrate more on finding quality candidates

As the need for finding hiring top talent faster becomes more prevalent, recruiters encounter added obstacles—including a way to resources & possible bandwidth—above a beyond just getting the best person for the job. Recruiting automation offers numerous benefits, including time and cost savings, the ability to screen more applicants, reduced errors, and improved candidate communication. It also allows for easy scaling of the hiring process, promotes equitable hiring, simplifies compliance and optimizes hiring processes.

Additional Features

Automated workflows

Stay in contact with top candidates via text

Standard reports

Email templates

API for integrations

Seamless integrations for assessments, background checks, virtual interviews & more

Regular product enhancements

Rank & score candidates

Collaborative hiring process

Advanced data security & privacy

SAS 70 Type II compliant

Help Center/Support available 24/7

Self-service portal

Cloud-based reliability

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