Making the Most of Job Posting Sites for Recruiting

Dec 12, 2023
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Gone are the days of a “help wanted” sign in the window to fill an open position. In today’s world, jobseekers rely on virtual resources to find and apply for jobs. Job posting sites are essential for appealing to top talent, and we’re covering how your business can make the most of these valuable tools.

What is a Job Posting Site?

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Also known as a job board, a job posting site is an online resource for sharing open positions and providing information about how to apply. Nearly all are free for jobseekers, and many offer free tools and resources for employers seeking to fill open positions.

Some job posting sites are more generic in terms of industry, with roles for people in all stages of their professional lives. Others cater to specific industries or niches, such as those geared toward graphic designers or tech experts. You can also find sites that are designed to pair freelance or gig workers with companies seeking to complete specific projects.

Applicant tracking systems can integrate with job posting sites, making it easier to push a description to multiple boards at once. If you handle this process manually, you may have to set up an account with each site and upload the information, one by one.

What Job Posting Sites are Best?

Ultimately, the best job posting sites for your organization will depend on its goals and type of applicants that you want to attract. If you want to get in front of a wider audience, a highly utilized option will be the best fit. When you want to appeal to individuals with specific skills or experience, a niche site may offer more benefits.

Among the free job posting sites, LinkedIn and Indeed rank highly. They have a lot of daily visitors, which means open positions are seen by more people. Additionally, LinkedIn company pages can feature job openings and descriptions, allowing potential applicants to learn more about the organization and workforce before submitting an application.

Monster is a well-known paid job posting site with multiple plan options available to employers. Higher-cost plans offer increased exposure to fill roles faster, while the standard plan requires payment whenever a candidate views or applies for a position.

But rather than setting up individual accounts on these job posting sites, it makes more sense to invest in a hiring solution that simplifies the process from start to finish. For example, an applicant tracking system that allows you to post to multiple job boards with a single click saves time while keeping costs under control.

Setting Up Your Recruiting Efforts on Job Posting Sites

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When you need to hire, your company needs to get the job description in front of people who are good fits. Make sure to consider the following steps in the process when preparing to recruit.

  • Brand profile: Think about your company branding and how it sets you apart from competitors. Today’s jobseekers are looking to work for organizations that share their values and help them feel like they’re contributing to something meaningful and fulfilling. Explore how you can incorporate your brand profile into your listings to give applicants a sense of what they could expect when working for your company.
  • Writing and posting job listings: Stay away from job descriptions that read like a lengthy list of requirements and opt for concise and engaging content instead. Consider what you would want to see when applying for a job and adjust your content accordingly. You can also take advantage of templates and other tools built into an ATS.

How to Stand Out on Job Posting Sites

Another challenge faced by employers of all sizes is standing out. In today’s hiring world, it can feel like you’re competing against countless organizations, especially when sharing and filling entry-level roles. But you can take advantage of the following tools to maximize your reach.

Organic tools

One of the best organic tools at your disposal as an employer is your reputation. Building a positive reputation as an appealing place to work can attract talent in droves. Utilizing feedback mechanisms from departing employees is also highly useful, as this information can help your organization identify areas for improvement.

Another beneficial organic tool is relying on existing employees. Ask your engaged and satisfied team members to share open positions and recommend people they know to fill them. Employee referrals don’t have to cost the company anything (although offering a bonus for referring a successful hire can go a long way). Nearly 90 percent of employers report that employee referrals are the most reliable source to generate quality candidates.

Paid/sponsored options

Putting some money behind your job ads will generate more views, and typically results in a higher number of applications. The key advantage to sponsoring a job listing is to boost its visibility. Indeed Sponsored Jobs deliver up to three times as many applications as a non-paid option. Employers can hire quicker and get in front of more people when using this tool.

Job posting site features to utilize

Each job posting site will have its own unique features, but some are shared across most platforms. You may need to create a login as a hiring professional with your organization, as well as establish a profile. Once you have completed these steps, you can begin posting descriptions and reviewing applications as they come through.

You may also search for registered users on job posting sites based on experience level, education, skills, and other factors. When you find someone who has the qualifications you’re looking for, consider sending a brief message with an invitation to apply.

Another tool to consider using is building a pool of qualified individuals. If you come across people who would be good fits with your culture and needs but don’t necessarily align with the current positions available, keep their information on file for future needs that may arise.

More is More: Managing Listings Across Multiple Job Posting Sites

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