Healthcare Hiring: Your Comprehensive Guide

Oct 31, 2023
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Working in the healthcare field comes with many fulfilling aspects, including the ability to help others recover from physical challenges and conditions. But when you’re responsible for recruiting in healthcare, you know just how many challenges can come with this role. Explore our comprehensive guide to healthcare hiring, including tips to ramp up your efforts.

An Overview of the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry encompasses various organizations, services and professionals who focus on improving and maintaining the health of people. Examples of physical locations that offer healthcare services include hospitals, medical and dental clinics, outpatient and inpatient care facilities, and assisted living facilities. Health insurance providers, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and research facilities also fall under the industry umbrella.

Healthcare Hiring Challenges

Since this sector plays such a vital role in society, addressing the needs of individuals who have suffered injuries or are dealing with ongoing conditions, staffing all roles is important. But oftentimes, positions go unfilled. Some healthcare organizations have high turnover, while others are growing faster than recruiting efforts can support.

Another factor that makes healthcare hiring more difficult is the fact that most roles must be filled by skilled and trained professionals. Many positions require specialized education, and those working in the field must comply with strict licensing requirements and regulatory standards. Some areas are also facing a shortage of skilled and qualified workers, making it more challenging to fill roles.

Small facilities may have trouble with staffing, as they likely don’t have the resources to compete in the healthcare hiring market. Additionally, an aging population requires more care, which increases the demand for healthcare services. Some professionals feel burned out, causing them to leave the industry altogether.

Five Tips for Faster Healthcare Recruiting

With the challenges outlined above (and then some), healthcare recruiting can become difficult. But these tips can help you boost your efforts and get the right talent in the door.

Use social recruiting

Social media sites are an untapped resource for recruiting, particularly in the healthcare field. Taking advantage of this often-free resource can help your organization attract top talent and build its branding.

Shorten the time to fill

We covered the importance of tracking and improving the time to fill in recruiting on our blog, and it certainly applies in the healthcare field. Since people may be applying to multiple roles at the same time, speeding up the process could secure your top choice. By contrast, a slower process could push top talent to accept roles elsewhere.

Create opportunities for newcomers to the field

As mentioned, many healthcare roles require specialized skills and training. But limiting open positions to qualified applicants could make them harder to fill. Look for opportunities to provide in-house training and mentorship programs to support newcomers or those who are just starting to build their skills.

Build a talent pool

Creating a pool of talented individuals can help your company hire faster. Even if you’re not actively recruiting, provide a way for skilled individuals to submit their resumes to have on hand should a role open up that aligns with their experience.

Improve employer branding and culture

Your employer branding plays a role in whether jobseekers want to work for the company. Take time to establish a consistent and supportive culture and communicate the values through all recruiting channels.

The Best Hiring Tools for Healthcare Hiring

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