Case Study: Heartwarming Care

Antoni Shkraba

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Heartwarming Care is an independently owned home care provider located in the Tacoma, Washington area. They have over 30 full-time employees, providing a variety of non-medical living services including: house hold chores, cooking, personal care assistance, medicine management, companionship, and transportation. Heartwarming care also helps families find the hospice services they need for loved ones. They provide services for several hours a day or overnight, depending on the client’s needs.


Heartwarming Care needed a better, more efficient way to receive applicant information and refer back to the history of the applicants. Administrators at Heartwarming care were wasting time manually sorting through paperwork, looking to find specific pieces of information they needed while reviewing applicants. Without software designed to track applicants and screen applications, they had no way to pre-qualify candidates. A small company, Heartwarming Care lacked the money and resources needed to partner with larger applicant tracking service providers.


The nature of Heartwarming Care’s service means each employee must have an impeccable, unblemished background. Searching for these kinds of candidates takes time, and sorting through applications manually takes even more time. Heartwarming Care couldn’t afford to waste any more time sorting through stacks of paper and set out to find an applicant-tracking service provider. They needed an affordable and reliable service with the screening capabilities to find the most qualified applicants.

Heartwarming Care’s owner found ApplicantStack online and recognized the service as an affordable, easy to use system able to automate the entire recruiting process. ApplicantStacks simple implementation process had Heartwarming Care screening applicants right away.


Heartwarming Care can now manage the entire recruitment process from initial interest to onboarding new hires. After using social media sites and classified advertising sites like Craig’s list, Heartwarming Care can pre-qualify applications and determine which applicants are worth interviewing based on their background information. They can also track duplicate candidates and exclude them from the recruiting pool.

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