2024 Recruiting Trends to Expect Part Three: AI in Recruiting

Jan 30, 2024
Applicant Tracking, Recruiting Best Practices

Part Three: More AI in Recruiting

In the first part of our coverage of recruiting trends to expect this year, we highlighted the importance of upskilling as a hiring and retention tool. Part two outlined the value of automation and how much time it can save when seeking and bringing on top talent.

Next up is the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will impact the hiring process this year and into the future. Review the benefits of utilizing a platform that harnesses the power of AI to filter applications and identify top talent based on specific, pre-determined factors.

Recruiting Trends Coming in 2024

Here’s what has been covered (and is still to come) in our five-part series:

  1. An Increase in Upskilling
  2. The Value of Automation
  3. More AI in Recruiting
  4. Hybrid Work Shifts
  5. More Entry-Level Hiring

Trend #3: More Artificial Intelligence in the Recruiting Process

In a study performed by Korn Ferry, more than 80 percent of CEOs and senior leaders of companies reported expecting AI to have a major or extreme impact on their organizations. Respondents specifically mentioned the expectation of relying on AI in the recruiting process, as it brings many appealing benefits. Using AI can save money, speed up processes and identify top candidates, even those who don’t have the traditional experience that was once expected.

But two of the risks associated with relying more heavily on AI relate to accuracy and strategy. Growing concerns around the security of AI-powered tools have led to identification of inaccuracy, especially if intruders can adjust how the platforms function. Hiring strategy is unique to each individual organization, and the capability of AI may not quite align.

In addition to recruiters and hiring managers relying more heavily on AI, jobseekers may take part in what it can offer in the process of finding employment. Candidates can utilize the functionality built into AI tools to tailor cover letters and resumes to specific roles, as well as identify positions that might be good fits.

But security remains a risk for anyone relying on AI, as scammers have found ways to leverage these tools to seek personal information and trick trusting candidates into sharing financial details. It’s vital to cross-check any job openings found with AI tools on company websites to ensure that they’re genuine.

Relying on AI will take more of a front seat this year among those involved in hiring. But as is the case with any other up-and-coming resource, verifying the information is essential.

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