2024 Recruiting Trends to Expect (Part One)

Jan 16, 2024
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Part One: An Increase in Upskilling

Is your company planning to hire in 2024? If so, you’re among the nearly 60 percent of businesses that expect to add new permanent positions in the first half of the year. This number comes from the State of U.S. Hiring Survey, conducted by Robert Half, a talent solutions and business consulting firm. Another 39 percent of respondents reported anticipating hiring to fill vacant positions.

As you gear up for recruiting processes and efforts, take a look at what you can expect this year. We’re rounding up the 2024 recruiting trends to expect among companies of all sizes.

Recruiting Trends Coming in 2024

Here’s what we’ll cover in our five-part series:

  1. An Increase in Upskilling
  2. The Value of Automation
  3. More AI in Recruiting
  4. Hybrid Work Shifts
  5. More Entry-Level Hiring

Trend #1: Increase in Upskilling

Upskilling is a trend in the workplace that involves expanding an individual’s skillset and abilities. In the past, college grads went into roles feeling like they had the skills needed to perform their duties. But in today’s fast-changing workplace, needs shift and people take on all different roles, particularly when working in startups or establishing their own companies.

In the recruiting world, upskilling is important because it gives potential new hires a glimpse into what they can expect in a role. Providing opportunities to learn and develop additional skills is essential in any workplace, as doing so can contribute to improved retention. Among jobseekers, more than half report wanting to work in a place where they have access to learning and development programs.

Another advantage of upskilling is that it can make existing employees more qualified to take on new roles. If you have a star team member who is reliable, supportive and willing to work hard, why not help them move up and continue to bring their existing talents to your workforce? Offering the chance to learn new skills and become more ready to take on additional responsibilities will only help your business.

According to a survey of CEOs across the globe, more than 90 percent of company leaders who introduce upskilling opportunities see significant benefits. Some of these include improved talent acquisition, higher employee retention rates, increased productivity, and a workforce that includes resilient individuals.

By investing in upskilling, your company may be able to attract more talented individuals and retain those who are interested in improving their abilities. It’s a trend that likely won’t be going anywhere soon, so jump onboard and look for ways to help employees, whether new hires or seasoned staff members, in their efforts to grow and advance.

Keep an eye on our blog as we cover the next four 2024 recruiting trends to expect. Next up: the value of automation in hiring.

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