Why is ApplicantStack right for you?

We know there are a lot of options to help you with your recruiting needs, from custom systems that cost more than your annual salary to an old-fashioned spreadsheet. But there’s really only one choice if you want a robust applicant tracking system at an affordable cost.

There are a lot of reasons why that’s true, but we know you’re busy so we narrowed it down to the top 6:

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With ApplicantStack you can get started using the system immediately with our free trial and configure the system in days, not months (or years!). And if you get stuck, our team is always standing by to help!

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We’re not just a technology company. Our Customer Success team is made up of former Recruiters and HR Professionals with 65 years combined HR experience. We’ve been in your shoes so we understand what you really need.

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ApplicantStack contains all the functionality you need and none of the complexity that you don’t. We believe software should be useful and not filled with bloated, never-used functions that just get in the way.

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Unlike other Applicant Tracking Systems, we don’t think that all recruiting processes are the same. That’s why we built ApplicantStack to be flexible -- so it can be configured to meet your unique business process.

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Our extensive partner network provides access to pre-integrated solutions from other best-in-class HR products. We want ApplicantStack to be part of your suite of HR tools that work seamlessly together.

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ApplicantStack is a fraction of the cost of many competitors. You can afford ApplicantStack - even if your HR budget is tighter than you think it should be.

That would be enough.

But if you really want to knock your HR out of the park, add our Onboard software too. ApplicantStack Onboard means:

  • Fewer errors transcribing hard-to-read handwriting.
  • The paperless system stores documents digitally, freeing up much-needed office space.
  • An easier process for new employees, making their transition to your organization painless and easy.

We needed an affordable, easy to use system to automate the recruiting process. Luckily, we found ApplicantStack.

I didn’t know life could be this manageable for a recruiter.