Your Guide to Video Recruitment Marketing

Mar 5, 2024
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Recruitment has become more challenging in the recent past. Between the tight labor market, increased competition for top talent and an aging population, recruiters have faced new difficulties when trying to find and bring on new hires. Helping your company and open positions stand out is critical in remaining competitive and appealing to talented individuals. Explore our guide to video recruitment marketing and the benefits of utilizing video in the hiring process.

What is Video Recruitment Marketing?

Video recruitment marketing is a technique that utilizes video content to outline the hiring process, what it’s like to work for a company and what to expect. Since video is the most widely shared form of content, it’s worth investing in videos to support recruitment efforts.

Creating recruiting videos might involve outlining what the culture is like at the company, as well as emphasizing the benefits of working there. You could enlist the support of current employees, who can become brand ambassadors in their efforts to encourage others to join the team.

What are the Advantages of Video Recruitment?

Video recruitment efforts can bring a number of appealing advantages.

Say more in less time

Videos can say more in a shorter amount of time, as viewers can watch the content quickly rather than having to invest time in reading it. Research indicates that marketers have approximately eight seconds to grab someone’s attention. A video is more likely to achieve that aim than a piece of written content, as the visual movement coupled with engaging sound are attention-grabbing.

Tailor videos for each step of the recruiting funnel

When you tailor different videos to speak to every step of the recruitment process, jobseekers know what to expect. This information can provide valuable insights and keep applicants engaged. By contrast, if your company doesn’t issue any information regarding what to expect in terms of communication and feedback, jobseekers may lose interest or look elsewhere when they don’t hear from the hiring manager.

Utilize video where text and images don’t work

In areas where text and images simply don’t garner much attention, a video can be a game-changer. For example, more than 300 million people spend time on social media platforms daily, browsing and scrolling through feeds. They may not stop on a text-heavy post, but a video that begins playing before they stop scrolling could cause them to pause and watch. Videos shared by friends and contacts on social media are also more likely to get additional views.

Promote brand image

When you want to promote your brand image and look more established, professional video content can support these goals. With relevant, engaging and concise elements, your company can also stand out in a sea of organizations seeking top talent.

Where Can Recruitment Videos Work Best?

There are many different applications where recruitment videos can add a lot of value. These include:

  • On your career site: If your business has an established career site, incorporating video can appeal to those who come searching for open positions. This site is a good place to include video testimonials from current employees and content that emphasizes the culture.
  • In job postings: When applicants get to job listings, they should be able to get a sense of what to expect. Include video content in job postings that is easy to view without navigating away from the application page.
  • At job fairs and conferences: When participating in job fairs and hiring conferences, consider how you can help your business stand out by utilizing professional videos. Show them on a loop on a screen in your booth or provide a QR code that allows potential applicants to watch the videos instantly.
  • On social platforms: As mentioned, millions of people are on social media platforms at any given time. Expand your reach by sharing videos through your social networks and encourage employees to do the same.
  • On video advertising platforms: If you want to put money behind your recruitment videos, consider utilizing advertising platforms geared toward video content.
  • Throughout the hiring process: Share videos with applicants throughout the process to keep them informed and engaged.
  • Through employees: Ask happy and engaged employees to take part in the recruitment process by sharing videos with their friends and family. Internal referrals tend to have higher engagement and retention rates.

Examples of Effective Recruitment Videos

Need some inspiration? Check out a few effective recruitment videos:


This video is demonstrative of Apple’s culture, focused heavily on innovation and creativity. It showcases what the organization does and the value placed on diversity as employees speak various languages throughout.


In the recent past, Zappos has adjusted its culture and management structure, replacing the traditional “boss-employee” hierarchy with self-management opportunities. The company’s documentary-inspired recruitment video emphasizes the importance of culture fit.


With more than 28,000 locations across the globe, the massive coffee chain is among the largest restaurants in the world. In this recruitment video, viewers get a sense of the welcoming, supportive environment where every team member is considered a partner.


This video features the perspective of colorful puppets, creating a quirky video that’s sure to stick in the minds of viewers. The humorous expressions on the puppet’s face also provide insights into the playful company culture.

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