Premium Texting Now Available in ApplicantStack Recruit & Onboard 

Oct 31, 2022
Applicant Tracking

We are excited to announce that Premium Texting is available in ApplicantStack Recruit & Onboard as well as WorkforceHub Plus.

What is Premium Texting?

Premium Texting includes everything in Basic Unlimited Texting (discussed ahead) plus Text-to-Apply and Workflow Embed.


With text-to-apply, candidates can apply with their mobile device at the point of initial engagement. When the candidate clicks APPLY in the job posting, the system will text the candidate a link to a mobile friendly application.

Why is Text-to-Apply a Game Changer?

More and more people find a phone more convenient for online access than a laptop or desktop. In fact, most of us have our phone within arm’s reach day and night. Today’s job seeker uses their mobile device to search job boards, research companies, communicate with recruiters, and submit applications. Because of this, text-to-apply is critical for employers trying to attract more applicants or speed up their hiring process. Furthermore, companies competing in the same labor pool as their local Walmart or Amazon warehouse will have an uphill battle without providing text-to-apply.

With text-to-apply:

  • Candidates can apply immediately when they see your job posting on their mobile device
  • Applicants experience a modern, convenient candidate journey that reflects well on your company
  • You will have fewer abandoned applications because candidates can apply without delay

Add Automated Texting to Workflows

Automated texting makes it easy to engage with candidates as they move through the hiring process. With Premium Texting, you can embed SMS in workflows and trigger texts with hiring stage changes.

  • Advance applicants and inform them of next steps with automated personalized text messages
  • Speed up the hiring process and avoid slowdowns due to poor communication
  • Never accidentally ghost another candidate

Premium Texting is sold at the account level, which means that if you have both ApplicantStack Recruit and Onboard, you can use Premium Texting in both modules under the monthly price.

Basic Unlimited Texting

Basic Unlimited Texting has been available since 2019 and our users love it. It makes hiring faster, easier and more engaging for candidates. Just as important, it improves efficiency for hiring teams. With texting, our customers extract even more value from our hiring platform. ApplicantStack Basic Unlimited Texting, not surprisingly, lets you send as many texts as you want for one monthly fee. The software saves the conversations and several members of the hiring team can text as if from one person.

Send a text instead of an email any time you need to communicate with an applicant:

  • Confirm an interview appointment
  • Send a link to a screening questionnaire
  • Send a quick text as a follow-up to a call, email or interview
  • Send interview instructions – parking, building access, etc.
  • Answer candidates’ questions
  • Send a bulk text to a group of candidates

Improve the candidate journey with quick communication that keeps them engaged – applicants can respond immediately or at their convenience. Many top candidates are currently employed but looking for a better opportunity. With many job positions, the employee can communicate with text in situations where they couldn’t necessarily take a voice call. With texting, you can engage a larger hiring pool. This makes it quicker and easier to find the perfect hire for the job.

As with Premium Texting, if you have both ApplicantStack Recruit and Onboard, you can use Basic Unlimited texting in both platforms.

What is WorkforceHub Plus?

WorkforceHub Plus is the small business time and labor solution from Swipeclock. (ApplicantStack Recruit and Onboard are also part of the Swipeclock product suite.) WorkforceHub Plus includes Timekeeping, Scheduling, Hiring, PTO Management and Human Resources. The Applicant Tracking module in WorkforceHub Plus has similar functionality as standalone ApplicantStack Recruit. However, it syncs with additional functions in WorkforceHub Plus.

Over one million people use Swipeclock workforce management solutions every day. To schedule a demo, visit WorkforceHub Plus demo.

For a free trial of our hiring solution, visit ApplicantStack free trial.

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