Our Applicant Tracking System Helps Streamline Your Hiring.

ApplicantStack’s applicant tracking system is a cloud-based system that makes applicant tracking and recruiting faster and easier for HR professionals and staffing companies. Our top-rated system is used by over 1,500+ companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, making us one of the largely sought after recruiting software systems for growing companies. We’re serious about efficiency and want to help you grow your workforce. Join over 1,500+ of ApplicantStack customers and start taking your recruiting efforts to the next level.

What Makes Our Applicant Tracking System the Best?

Our technical support team is the best at responsiveness, problem-solving, and service so you don’t miss a beat.””
No contracts or agreements. Our plans start at just $65/month and can be customized to meet your needs. Change your plan anytime.””
That’s right, no software required here. Access ApplicantStack from any computer or device, in real-time, anytime.””
Our top-rated tracking system is smartly built to easily accommodate small businesses to large enterprises in any industry. ””


Get More Time Back in Your Day.

ApplicantStack helps you recruit faster and easier through better organization, quicker communications, and improved qualifying. Check out features of ApplicantStack’s applicant tracking system below.

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Professional Online Job Postings

  • Easily Create & Post Jobs. Create new job requisitions and post them to your ApplicantStack Careers Site where candidates can apply online.
  • Go Completely Paperless. We can help you convert your paper employment application to an electronic form so you can collect applications electronically.
  • Post Easily to Career Sites. Your ApplicantStack Careers Site can be branded to match your website to give your visitors a professional and seamless experience.

Qualify Applicants Online

  • Customize Questions. Quickly build screening questionnaires to include in your online application or send to applicants after they have applied.
  • Score Applicants. Use the Rule Wizard to score applicants on their questionnaire answers, or even their resume / CV content.
  • Filter & Sort Easier. Filter and sort your applicants by score & rate, allowing you to quickly narrow in on your top prospects and allocate your time most effectively.
Recruiting on Social Media Sites & Job Boards

Social Media Sites & Job Boards

  • Promote Job Postings. With one-click you can distribute your job openings to free job search sites like Indeed and SimplyHired.
  • Recruit Faster. ApplicantStack integrates with major job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder to allow you to post your jobs using your existing inventory
  • Share on Social Media. Use ApplicantStack’s social media widgets to post your job openings to your organization’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.
Easily manage applicant information with ApplicantStack

Manage Candidate Information

  • Upload Resume Files. Select a single or group of resumes / CVs from your computer and upload them to ApplicantStack with a single click.
  • Import Emailed Resumes. Forward emails you receive from applicants to a special email address and they will be automatically imported into ApplicantStack.
  • Parsing & Data Extraction ApplicantStack uses an advanced resume / CV parsing engine to extract key information from your resumes / CVs, saving you valuable time.
Learn about ApplicantStack's easy online hiring and collaboration tools.

Easy Collaboration Tools

  • Easy Scheduling. ApplicantStack integrates with modern calendar systems like Outlook and Gmail to enable quick scheduling and distribution.
  • Collect Feedback Faster. Create questionnaires to collect structured feedback from managers and stakeholders after phone screens, interviews, etc.
  • Manager Review. ApplicantStack provides a streamlined Manager Review process that makes the feedback loop easy for both the Recruiter and Manager.
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Email Communication

  • Email Your Candidates. Send email to a single or group of candidates with the click of a button. All communication is tracked with the candidate record.
  • Pre-Built Templates Use pre-built email templates or create your own. Use email triggers and mass mailing to save time while keeping candidates up-to-date.
  • Anonymous Email: Email is sent to candidates from an ApplicantStack email address, so candidates won’t have your personal contact information.
ApplicantStack workflow automation

Workflow Automation

  • Pipeline Dashboard. View your Pipeline Dashboard to quickly see a birds-eye view of your active job and applicant pipeline, then click to see your active work list.
  • Templates & Automation. Use templates and workflow tasks to automate your business processes and streamline your recruitment process.
  • Best Practices. New accounts are automatically set up with a best practices recruitment workflow which you can configure as needed to your business needs.
Compliance management available with ApplicantstStack's applicant tracking system.

Compliance Management

  • EEOC/OFCCP Data Collection. Collect Affirmative Action data (i.e. gender, race, veteran) from applicants, while keeping it separate from the application record.
  • Audit Trails. Automatically track all communication and actions related to applicants and jobs, including the reason for not pursuing an applicant.
  • Compliance Reports. Refine by date. Run roll-up and detail reports to view your EEOC/OFCCP data by job, job category, workflow stage, etc.
Custom reporting with ApplicantStack's applicant tracking system.


  • Standard Reports. ApplicantStack comes set up with a set of standard recruitment reports, including: Pipeline, Activity, EEOC, and Applicant Summary.
  • Custom Reporting. The ApplicantStack Report Wizard makes it easy to create custom and ad-hoc reports through a simple point-and-click interface.
  • Publish Reports. After building a perfect custom report, publish your report so it can be viewed by other users and updated in real-time.

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What our customers say about us.

“Product was up an running immediately, product support extremely helpful and responsive, easily tracks beginning to end on applicants, system is constantly being upgraded with new features and improvements, customization ability, workflow and history captured perfectly, and searching capability is powerful.”
Tara Nunn, Payroll & HR Specialist at AKT CPAs and Business Consultants

“Truly, the ApplicantStack Team has been beyond fantastic, the tool itself is simple to use, extremely effective and priced at a point that attracts companies of all sizes and the website integration just takes the cake. In less than three weeks TLR went from no ATS, to having a seamless and integrated approach to talent acquisition effectively enhancing the candidate experience, the line manager engagement which immediately saved us money and time. I couldn’t be happier.”
Eric Nelson, HR Director at TLR

“I would highly recommend this SaaS application. We are a small organisation, but require consultants for short term contracts which attract many hundreds of applications. Without ApplicantStack, it would take weeks and weeks or resources, which we simply do not have.”
Chris Nial, Project Manager Hyderus

Used by over 1,500+ companies, and counting.

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