New hire paperwork is a drag. Stop doing it.

You’ve used ApplicantStack to find the perfect candidates and they’ve accepted your offer – but we know the hard part is just beginning. You need to get your new employees up to speed and in the system. Plus, more of your nemesis: the dreaded new hire paperwork.

That’s where our Onboard software steps in. It allows you and your HR team to improve efficiency and save time – and get new hires working for you.

  • Take your paperwork to the digital age—start with our comprehensive form library and then add your own. No messy handwriting to try to read, no files to lose or forms to print.
  • All your new hire paperwork is stored in one secure place, so you know where everyone stands with a single glance.
  • Assign tasks and checklists to each new hire, so their manager (or you!) is reminded about what they need to get them up to speed. No more forgetting to give them the alarm code or watch the corporate video.
  • Add notes to new employee profiles, so you can pass along information as you get to know your newest team members.

This all adds up to more time for you, and a seamless transition for your employees.