Support & FAQs

What do you mean by Total Recruiters/Hiring Managers in your pricing?
This refers to the number of user logins you will be able to create at the package level. You will need a user login for each Administrator, Recruiter or Hiring Manager who uses your account to create jobs, review candidates, run reports, etc. Candidates who apply to your jobs are NOT counted as users. Each package allows you to create up to a specific number of Users (Administrators, Recruiters and Hiring Managers). Administrators are counted as Recruiters for pricing purposes. If you need more users as your usage grows over time you can just upgrade to add more users.
What are the limits of the Trial account?

During your Trial period you will be able to create unlimited Users and Jobs and will have full access to the functions of ApplicantStack so you can properly evaluate the product. You can even use the Trial to launch a live job and receive candidates. The only limitation is you are only allowed to view the first 100 Candidates in your database during your trial period.

If I upgrade my Trial account will my work in my trial account (jobs/candidates/etc) be retained?
Yes, any work you do in your Trial account and any candidates you receive will still be there after you upgrade your account.
Are there any setup costs, activation costs or other “hidden” costs?

There are no required setup costs for the ApplicantStack system. The only required cost to use ApplicantStack is the monthly subscription price of your package. We do offer some “assisted setup” packages to help you customize the system to match your website and business processes and provide training for your users. If you are interested in assisted setup, your Account Manager can provide a complete quote of all costs so there won’t be any surprises once you are ready to sign up.

Do I have to sign a contract when I activate ApplicantStack? Is there a penalty for canceling an account?

No, there is no contract or long-term commitment required and no cancellation fee. If you sign up with a credit card you will be billed monthly for your service and you can cancel at any time without penalty. We believe that you should always have the ability to use the product on the market that best fits your needs, without being locked into a specific vendor. If we don’t continue to prove that we are the best product on the market for your needs, you’re free to walk away no questions asked.

What security measures do you have in place to ensure my data remains private and secure?

ApplicantStack runs on dedicated servers in our world-class data center. Our data center implements best-in-class networking, including fully redundant power systems, advanced fire protection, suppression and detection systems, fully integrated monitoring of servers and network, state-of-the-art security technology and 24×7 on-site security staff, best-of-breed equipment for routers, firewalls and servers, and 24×7 network intrusion detection systems. All customer and system data is backed up daily and stored off-site for 7 days. Our engineers regularly monitor application and system logs to anticipate future problems, and an engineer is on-call 24×7 in case of emergency issues with the application or servers.

Does my data go into any sort of public repository or do you use my data in any way?

No, absolutely not. We don’t use your data in any way. We don’t maintain any public or proprietary candidate databases or sell account data to any third-parties. Each account owns their data and it’s their exclusive property.

Do you treat my candidate data as confidential?

Yes, we treat each client’s candidate database as privileged and confidential. We will only access your data in response to a request for support and only with your permission. Anybody on our staff who has access to customer candidate data is required to sign a Confidentiality Statement specifying that they will follow our confidentiality guidelines for client data.

Can I take my data with me if I decide to leave ApplicantStack?

Yes, you can. We don’t believe in holding your data hostage. You can export your account data at any time in case you want to keep a local copy of your data or take your data with you if you ever decide to leave ApplicantStack. The data export is SQL format, which is an industry standard for creating a structured database. All resumes and other files attached to your candidate records are exported in a single ZIP format file.

How reliable is ApplicantStack? Do you have an uptime guarantee?

Having a job board doesn’t do you much good if your candidates can’t access your site. So our engineers have designed ApplicantStack with best practice reliability and fail-over redundancy to ensure that the service is always available to your internal users and candidates. ApplicantStack has a 99.9% uptime guarantee for both the job board and administrator module.

What kind of performance can I expect with ApplicantStack?

ApplicantStack has been designed to be very lightweight and responsive. We intentionally don’t employ the use of heavy graphics in the application to keep the interface clean and the load times quick. But don’t take our word for it, create a Trial account and try it out for yourself!

Will ApplicantStack scale efficiently as my usage grows?

Yes, we’ve designed ApplicantStack to support the needs of both small and large organizations. Many of our customer’s accounts have grown to have tens of thousands of candidates, without any degradation of performance or usability.

How will people apply to jobs I create with ApplicantStack?

Every ApplicantStack account includes a public company Job Board where your jobs (and only your jobs) will be published and people can apply to your jobs. Most customers create a link from their company website to this job board to provide a place where web visitors can view their open positions. You can also post your jobs to third-party job boards and sites and direct candidates to apply through your job board. We can even create a custom template for your Job Board that exactly matches your website to keep your branding consistent and seamless.

I have a paper employment application. Can I put this up on my job board so people can apply online?

Yes, you can. There is a default employment application in the system which you can use right away. Or we can take your existing paper employment application and convert it to an online version that you can use online with your account.

Can I import resumes into the system from my computer, third-party job boards, etc?

Yes, ApplicantStack provides many ways to import resumes into your database. You can upload files from your computer, forward resumes from third-party job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder, or even forward emails from candidates in your inbox.

I need to maintain EEO/OFCCP compliance for my company’s recruiting function. Does ApplicantStack collect and report this data?

Yes, you can turn on EEO/OFCCP collection and reporting for your account if you need to track data such as Gender and Race for EEO/OFCCP reporting. Once you turn this on, during the application process, candidates will be asked if they want to voluntarily self-identify on Gender and Race. This data is then stored in your database separate from the candidate record such that recruiters and hiring managers won’t see it on a candidate’s record. The data is only used in running aggregate reports on the company’s recruiting data.

I just need a simple way to collect applications for XYZ. I don’t really have “jobs” to post. Can ApplicantStack help?

Yes, absolutely. ApplicantStack is flexible and can be used to collect and organize candidates and applications even if you don’t have true “jobs”. You can build an application with your own questions and collect responses from candidates, then organize those candidates in a central database which you can easily browse, search, report, etc.

Will I be able to configure ApplicantStack to match my hiring process?

Yes, ApplicantStack is highly configurable and provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in what types of hiring processes it can support. You can customize the workflow for your candidates, customize your data fields, build custom reports, build your own questions, customize your online application, create your own triggers, etc. If you don’t think ApplicantStack can work for your process, please contact us first, as you might be surprised what it can do!

What types of companies use ApplicantStack?

ApplicantStack customers range from single recruiters and small businesses to global organizations with 10,000+ employees. ApplicantStack customers come from diverse industries and from all over the world. If you would like to talk with customers in your industry who use ApplicantStack, just contact us and we can provide references.

Can you import my existing data, integrate with my existing systems, help me setup my account and/or provide training for my users?

Most likely yes. Our professional services group is available on a project basis to provide value-added services and/or training to our ApplicantStack customers. We can include a service package when you sign up for ApplicantStack which includes things like data migration and end-user training. Or we can provide a quote for a project to meet a special need you may have. Just contact us to find out more.

What if I get stuck and need help? How do I get support?

The ApplicantStack system includes a Knowledge Base and a Help button on every page with articles, guides and videos on how to use the system.  If you have a question or need additional help you can quickly submit a question from within the ApplicantStack system.  All questions are answered by a member of the ApplicantStack technical team, who are all located in the United States.