“We definitely improved our time management”

“The scoring capability has been very helpful”

“ApplicantStack is very simple to use and very comprehensive”

“Their team is very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable”


Primarily located in Colorado Springs, Peak Vista is a non-profit comprised of 17 healthcare centers oriented towards seniors, family and women’s health and behavioral health. Peak Vista partners with other community organizations including hospitals, agencies, homeless clinics and school districts. Partnering with Peak Vista provides homeless clinics and school districts with mobile care units.


Peak Vista struggled with a completely paper-based, manual hiring process. After receiving hundreds of applications, Peak Vista’s Human Resources Department had to sift through stacks of applications, which wasted valuable time needed for other important tasks. Many of the applicants did not meet Peak Vista’s minimum qualifications, but HR had no way of knowing until reading through each application. After sorting through applications, Peak Vista manually sent the paperwork out to managers at different sites, which wasted more time.


As a non-profit, Peak Vista needed an affordable applicant tracking system to replace the time consuming manual process. The system also needed job posting and application managing capabilities, in addition to a screening function. After finding ApplicantStack, Peak Vista gained access to software fulfilling all of their needs — and even some additional needs they had not thought of — at an affordable price.

In ApplicantStack, Peak Vista found a provider willing to cooperate and initiate new functionality and adjustments as needed


After implementing ApplicantStack’s easy-to-use software, Peak Vista solved their time management crisis — the stack of papers disappeared as all the data went digital. ApplicantStack’s screening and scoring features allowed Peak Vista to determine which applicants met the required criteria. Instead of wasting time with unqualified applicants, Peak Vista focused on the candidates worth pursuing. ApplicantStack also provided Peak Vista with the ability to forward applications to multiple hiring managers at the same time.