Case Study: UNC Center for Global Initiatives

Antoni Shkraba

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The UNC Center for Global Initiatives is a research center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The center expands access to global education for students, faculty, and staff by providing funding for internships, research, and service projects. University-related funds and federal grants make up the bulk of the center’s funding.


The UNC Center for Global Initiatives originally relied on interns and students to create spreadsheets containing application information. After accumulating too much paperwork to keep track of, the center asked a computer science student to create a small system for housing applications. Technical difficulties with the student’s program forced the Center to use several different web-based applicant-tracking programs. Plagued by technical difficulties, the web-based programs were inefficient and the Center ultimately returned to Excel for tracking applicant information.


After two failed attempts at incorporating software devoted to tracking and storing applications, the Human Resources Department realized they needed a change. Stacks of paperwork grew by the day and Excel was no longer a viable option. HR departments can’t afford to sort through paperwork manually — it takes too long and it’s inefficient. They researched several different application-tracking software systems but struggled to find a provider at an affordable price. After learning about ApplicantStacks commitment to flexibility and affordability, the Center for Global Initiatives knew they had a match. The robust reporting feature, ease of use and the ability to create a library of questionnaires lead the Center for Global Initiatives to partner with ApplicantStack.


As a result of implementing ApplicantStack, the Center for Global Initiatives has found ways to meet deadlines, track and send reports, and avoid the technical difficulties that clog up the HR process. ApplicantStack’s reporting feature has streamlined the Center’s interaction with the Federal Government and other Higher Institutions and helps track EEO information related to applicants. The online reviewing feature helps internal reviewers save time and money by moving shifting away from the manual process. The HR department also uses ApplicantStack in conjunction with social media networks and database networks to reach more applicants.

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