Online Recruitment Tools

Online Recruitment Tools

Online Recruitment Tools for the Modern Recruiter

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Online Recruitment Tools

Key Features of Online Recruitment Tools to Make Recruiting Easier:  With low unemployment and strong competition for qualified candidates, there has never been a better time for online recruitment tools.  Implementing online recruitment tools to not only work more efficiently but also to save valuable time in the recruiting and employee onboarding process is now easy thanks to full-featured applicant tracking systems such as ApplicantStack.

Here are just a few key features of online recruitment tools:

Automate screening by using pre-screener questions

  • Setting up pre-screener questions is a fantastic way to save time
  • Add scoring and knockout questions and focus on only the top-rated candidates
  • See Save Time with Pre-Screening Questions for more detailed information on pre-screener questions

Rediscover candidates you already have in your database that might be a fit

  • Use search and reporting tools to find candidates that match certain skill sets
  • Use advanced Boolean search options to only focus on candidates that match the current job requirements
  • View a candidate’s profile where key data is stored such as resume, cover letter, and applications along with any past feedback

Provide automated communication and scheduling flexibility

  • Set up automatic email responses to candidates letting them know you received their resume and application
  • Easily use our scheduling feature that integrates with most calendars
  • Allow candidates to also choose available times on your calendar eliminating calls or emails
  • Enable all team members to arrange candidate interviews without your assistance

Collecting and managing Manager feedback

  • Centralized data in one spot makes collaboration simple
  • Use the standard feedback forms or create your own
  • Score/rate candidates so you can focus on the top-rated candidates in one convenient place for your team to review and make quicker job offers before your competitors do
  • Build your own phone screen templates and reference check forms to store feedback and notes

Reporting on all the progress

  • Use our standard reports to see which sources are providing the top candidates
  • See how long it takes to fill a position and see if there are any bottlenecks that require attention
  • Run EEOC reports to stay compliant
  • See job workflow and candidate summaries, and so much more

Take advantage of the online recruiting tools for the modern recruiter to save time and hire the right candidates faster!


Online recruitment tools are also known as cloud recruitment software and recruitment tracker.

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ApplicantStack and Google for Jobs

ApplicantStack and Google for Jobs

Google logoApplicantStack has integrated with Google for Jobs to make finding the right candidate even easier.

ApplicantStack and Google for Jobs: You can now automatically push your jobs to appear in Google for JobsGoogle for Jobs is a new job search engine powered by Google and is a job search tool which boosts the exposure of your job listings to help you attract more relevant candidates to your roles.  Job seekers can search for and apply to open positions directly from Google search. Google’s advanced technology makes it easier to find jobs that are a good match for what you’re looking for in your next position.  It is similar to how Indeed pulls job listings from many different sources.

How to post to Google for Jobs in ApplicantStack

When using ApplicantStack, simply go to your jobs launch page and select “Google for Jobs” here:

ApplicantStack - Google for Jobs launch


Simply continue as you would with any other job board included in your ApplciantStack account.




How can candidates find your jobs on Google for Jobs

When a candidate searches for a job in Google, they can easily select apply with “ApplicantStack”ApplicantStack and Google for Jobs

and they will be directed to your ApplicantStack job board where you can track the candidate in your workflow, communicate with them right from your ApplicantStack portal, & hire the right candidate!


Please note that Google does have full discretion of what they place in their feed. By submitting your job through ApplicantStack, there is no guarantee that your job will post on Google for Jobs.


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Posting to Job Boards: How and where most businesses are posting their jobs

Recently we asked our ApplicantStack customers some questions about their current job posting processes, and what new features they would most like to see in ApplicantStack to help streamline their company’s posting process. We heard back from 73 of our active customers and the following is a summary of what we learned.

We were somewhat surprised that so many of our customers said that they would not use one-click posting to paid job boards. The rational seems to be split between those who don’t currently use paid job boards, and those who feel that the current method of manually copying a job to a paid job board isn’t really much of a hassle.

The reason I say we were somewhat surprised with this result is that one-click job posting is the #1 question that we get asked in product demos, which makes us think that everybody (or at least the majority) of companies need this feature.  Even those customers to told us that they would definitely use a one-click job posting function, also said that it’s not really that time consuming to post their jobs to each website separately.  Much less time consuming then, say, the time it takes to review and communicate with the candidates who apply to their jobs.

In fact, many customers who do post to multiple third-party job boards said they would like to continue doing it this way, because it gives them more control over their posting process and allows them to negotiate discounted fees with each job board individually.

Of those who said they would use one-click job posting, a common qualifier was that it would need to have automatic source tracking in order for it to be useful, so they can evaluate whether the money they spend advertising on a particular job board has an acceptable ROI.

Not really surprising that 70% of our customers were interested in sending jobs to Indeed and SimplyHired. After all – it’s free publicity! But one recurring statement we heard is that publicity, and thus more applications to a job, is not always desired. For example, many people told us that they hire only local candidates or have highly specialized positions, and thus don’t want the flood of unqualified applicants that would result from posting to a large free job site.

Even among those customers who liked this option, many said they wanted to maintain control over which jobs get posted to the free sites and which do not.  We also heard some suggestions of other free niche job sites that we could include such as and

We were actually a little surprised that many of our customers weren’t all that interested in one-click posting to social media sites. Many people said that they don’t currently incorporate social media in their job posting process, and aren’t entirely sure how to recruit effectively. There was even some concern that posting to social media sites could be used inappropriately and attract the wrong type of person.

Of the three major social media sites we asked about, LinkedIn was by far the one people were interested in most. Not all that surprising, as LinkedIn is viewed as more of a professional networking site than Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, among those who said they wanted to be able to one-click post to paid job boards, we asked the question which job board(s)? The results here aren’t that surprising, with Monster and Careerbuilder coming in as the most popular sites, followed by Dice (mostly for tech jobs) and then Jobing (a relative new comer).

As far as an update on our development roadmap, as current customers are aware we have launched the Indeed/SimplyHired posting and Social Media posting functionality. We appreciate the wonderful feedback we’ve received on these new functions and are thrilled to hear that they are resulting in wider distribution of our customer’s jobs and more qualified applicants.

The development team is just about done with the function to post to paid job boards, starting with Monster and CareerBuilder. We are planning to make this available in mid-August. If you would like more details regarding getting this in place for your account, please contact us.

What do you think?  Do any of the survey results above surprise you or validate your current thinking on effective use of recruiting technology?