Resume Management Software

Resumes can come from many different sources: job board postings, company website, unsolicited emails, external recruiters, job fairs, etc. How do you efficiently manage the resumes from all these different sources? For most companies, resumes are managed ad-hoc – on individual computers, file systems, or emails – and there’s a good chance many will be lost or overlooked. Take your process to the next level with ApplicantStack Resume Management Software and never lose a resume again.

Resume Management Software Functions:

  • Upload resume files in bulk from your computer, forward emails with resumes, or publish jobs and employment applications to your website career site or external job board. However you get a resume, it will be tracked in your company resume database.
  • Track the applicant as it moves through your hiring process with data from multiple review stages captured with the applicant record.
  • Search your resume database to find candidates for a specific job.
    Build questionnaires and send to your applicants to screen for specific skills.

Do all this with ApplicantStack through an elegant web-based interface that can be accessed by your entire team, from anywhere.


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