Recruiting Software: Find & Attract Your Ideal Talent Faster and With Less Effort

We know the process. We lived it during our years in HR. So, we created ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking and Recruiting Software to mimic the processes you already follow, making it feel natural and easy.

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Recruiting Software | ApplicantStack Recruit
Recruiting Software | ApplicantStack Recruit

Recruit new employees
with purpose and efficiency

Not only is it tough to plan what your workforce will look like in a year — it’s tough to know what’s around the corner. Your business’ ability to find and hire top talent is as critical as ever

Whether you need to recruit your ideal prospect, scale your team quickly, or improve hiring processes, ApplicantStack Recruit gives you the recruiting software technology and support to attack what’s around the next corner with confidence.

What if applying was as
simple as sending a text?

Being able to reach top candidates efficiently and quickly and doing so in a manner most used by society as a whole is priority #1 in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive hiring environment.

Here are just a few reasons using ApplicantStack’s texting features within Applicant Tracking will set your hiring team up for success today and in the weeks, months and years to come:

Connect with candidates where they are – on their phones!

Ensure candidates get the message – texts have a 200% higher response rate than email and 98% of texts are actively read

Optimize effort with batch SMS messaging to all applicants at once, automatically

Maintain your engagement with two-way texting that keeps the discussion moving forward

Improve recruiting efficiency for candidates and your hiring team

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No credit card required

No installation needed

No contracts… Ever

Hire the ideal candidate with complete confidence

How can you be sure you’re hiring the right people? Part of it is trusting your instincts, judgment and experience, but another crucial part is having all the candidate information you need.

Our simple, streamlined background check solutions can help you get the data you need to hire – and work – smarter.

Recruiting Software | ApplicantStack Recruit
Job Posting

Hundreds of Job Boards.
All in a Single Click.

Are you in need of a system that will let you broadcast jobs far and wide? Or are you looking for a highly trained candidate with very specific credentials?

Create a job post and publish it on premium and niche job boards alike – all with just a single click!

Recruiting software with everything you need


Job creation is easier than you think. Create job descriptions and employment applications from scratch or with the help of our templates.


Our system allows users to create jobs online that are easy to apply to. Then, post those jobs to custom-built job boards created by us to look like you.


If you want the best talent, you need to reach the best candidates. After posting your jobs to your job board, publish them on social media sites, career pages, and job search sites as well.


Step away from piles of “yes,” “no” and “maybe.” Sort through resumes and cover letters, and highlight key words to find who you’re looking for, right when you need them most.

Find The Perfect Fit

Pre-screen applicants by creating custom questionnaires that they can easily fill out and submit online.

ApplicantStack Recruiting Software

 Communicate Effectively

Add Premium Texting to increase candidate engagement. as well as enable text-to-apply. Includes Unlimited Texting and more…


No more making copies. Your team can review applications as they come in and rank them to see who makes the cut.

Set Rules

Introducing Rule Wizard — a tool designed to rank applicants and score resumes based on content. It’s not real magic, but it’s close.


After screening applicants, you can give each application a score and rank them based on your own criteria.


No more stalling – follow applicants throughout the process. Move them from applied to interviewed to hired with a single mouse click.


That’s the goal, right? We can get you there by streamlining the process, automating it where we can, and giving you more time in the day.

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Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System | ApplicantStack Recruit


  • Post jobs to 3rd party job boards and social media sites such as Indeed, JuJu, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter as well as posting to niche sites and specialty boards
  • Branded career page
  • Social recruiting and integration


  • Job requisition approval process

  • Multiple workflows
  • Recruit from multiple locations


  • Collaboration tools

  • Reporting

  • Interview management

  • Collaborative recruitment

  • Instant communication with top talent via texting
  • User roles & permission

  • Create tasks & schedule reminders

  • Add reminders & notes

  • Schedule interviews

  • Group interviews with time slots


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You don’t have to take our word for it.

"Very user friendly! I've worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!"

Megan A.

HR Manager

"It’s like Jazz HR, if you just made it better. It is a lot easier, and a lot more sustainable for our company than Jazz HR. I would recommend you guys over Jazz HR any day."

Emily L.

Corporate Recruiter

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