Does an ATS Create an Impersonal Hiring Experience?

Does an ATS Create an Impersonal Hiring Experience?

Automation has changed the face of hiring.

Why is it easy to automate hiring with the right software?

Job applicants apply online. They enter their information. This starts an end-to-end online process. An applicant tracking system (ATS) leverages the magic of digital automation. It lets computers do what they do best.

Does this create an impersonal machine-driven applicant experience?

Now to the question posed in the title. Short answer: no.

Let’s discuss why.

An ATS creates more time for personal attention. You can still call an applicant or meet them in person for an interview. The system doesn’t eliminate personal face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) communication.

Do you process a large volume of applications? You don’t have time to call every applicant personally.

If your ATS has texting, you can text right from the software. Keep a record of your text threads. Team members can text as if they are one user. This is personal, yet professional.

An ATS Reduces Abandoned Applications

Why do applicants abandon their applications? Poor communication. Many hiring teams can’t keep applicants apprised of their status. Regardless of their best intentions. They’re just too busy.

ATSs have auto-emails. You can send as many updates as you want. Let candidates know immediately when you’ve received their application. Keep them updated every few days.

When you’ve narrowed it down to a short list, you can call them personally.

How does an ATS know when to send an email?

To answer this question, first we need to talk about stages. You move applicants through the process with stages you’ve created. For example, you might have the following stages: Application Received, Awaiting Interview, Extend Job Offer.

Choose which actions are triggered by stage changes. For example, when you move an applicant to the Interview stage, it can trigger an email. The email invites the candidate to schedule an interview. (If your ATS is integrated with Google Calendar or Office 365, you can include the calendar link in the email.)

Give your applicants more attention, not less

You don’t need to send generic, impersonal emails. Create email templates. Use creative language that reflects the personality of your company. Tailor the email to the job description. Change your templates as often as you like.

Merge codes insert the applicant’s name and other information. The applicant gets a personal email addressed to them. They don’t know that it was sent automatically.

An ATS helps you communicate continually. In other words, you give your applicants more attention, not less.

What are some other ways an ATS frees up your time for more personal attention?

Make your system work for you

Let’s talk about organization. Every hiring team has their own system. The beauty of an ATS is being able to customize. Match your workflows.

This ApplicantStack user explains his process in a G2 review:

I enjoy the layout where applicants are marked in stages. A common issue with organizing applicants is the way you can sort them in your process. ApplicantStack allows you to keep candidates in different stages and advance them in your process based on where they fall. This is especially important when you have 2nd and 3rd tier candidates that you like, but are not as qualified as other top tier candidates. The stages allow you to label them in your system and then come back to them as you sort through other candidates you have reviewed and removed from your process. (G2)

They also appreciate the email delay feature:

I also LOVE the option where you can fair a candidate and schedule the email communication to go out on a future date. This allows me to create the task, but be tactful in communicating with those candidates without failing them immediately after their interview. In addition, when you have multiple raters the feedback option is collaborative and extremely useful.

This Senior Home Care recruiter mentions a couple more custom settings:

I love the amount of customization ApplicantStack allows (eg: adjusting the work flow, adding new documents to Onboarding, changing email triggers, etc.). The ability to make adjustments that better suit your company’s needs has been a huge benefit for our agency. (G2)

ATS data security

Everyone in HR worries about data breaches. Most cloud-based ATS vendors provide a high level of security. That said, before choosing an ATS, verify their security protocols.

This HR generalist explains how this improves hiring and onboarding:

I like the ability to easily get sensitive information in a secure way. There are a lot of scammers out there and I want my new hires to feel confident that they can trust that their information is secure and protected. I also like that they can fill out and sign documents easily from their phones. I hire a lot of people remotely and getting paperwork done is always a pain. I also use this for acknowledgements of policies. (G2)

An ATS makes your job easier

We’ve discussed bells and whistles. Now, let’s take a holistic view. The tools don’t mean anything unless the entire system fundamentally improves your operations.

This customer lists several ways an ATS has transformed their job (G2):

It made my job easier in many ways. The best part I would say is that a) It has been integrated with job boards and this made it easier to source resumes b) It can trigger emails to candidates automatically c) I am able to set the workflow and follow that easily d) Everything that is needed for recruitment in one system e) Automatically updating candidate details while just uploading resumes or emails f) Allocating tasks to other users g) Generating customized reports.

Would you like to test drive a simple and affordable ATS? We offer a free 15 day trial of ApplicantStack. Create some email templates. Design a hiring workflow. Post to several job boards without signing into each one.

Discover how an ATS frees up your time to give your applicants personal attention.

By Liz Strikwerda


The Google Hire Alternative Backed by Real People

The Google Hire Alternative Backed by Real People

Google is sunsetting Hire by Google on September 1, 2020.

Are you looking for an alternative applicant tracking system?

This article contains an in-depth comparison of ApplicantStack to Google Hire. Both applicant tracking systems are designed for small to mid-size businesses with 1-1000 employees.

If you don’t have time to read an article, consider trying ApplicantStack free for 15 days. Take a test drive and see for yourself.

Carol, Lynn Ann, Ellen, Donna, Ian, and Jeff make sure ApplicantStack customers get the most out of our software. There are many more people behind the scenes. Our developers are continually working to deliver new features—often at the request of our clients. Our security team monitors our customers’ information to prevent data breaches. To learn more about our team, visit our newsletter.

Now, let’s compare the two systems.

ApplicantStack as the Top Google Hire Alternative: 7 Key Findings

    1. ApplicantStack was launched in 2009 by recruiting professionals. ApplicantStack focuses on applicant tracking and onboarding exclusively.
    2. Hire by Google was launched in July 2017 after Google acquired Bebop for a reported $380 million. (Bebop was started by Diane Greene of VMware. After the acquisition, Green became Google’s Cloud division CEO, but left the post in 2019.)
    3. On Capterra, ApplicantStack has an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5. This is based on 1252 reviews. ApplicantStack reviews date back to 2010.
    4. Hire by Google has an average rating of 4.2 based on 139 reviews.
    5. On G2, ApplicantStack has 535 reviews with an average rating of 4.5.
    6. All Google Hire beta features will be turned off in the next few weeks. Hire By Google iOS and Android apps expire on January 6th, 2020.
    7. In a survey of 139 Google Hire reviews, the top advantages cited are; 1. Ease of use, 2. Integration with other G Suite apps, 3. Value for the price. The top complaints by Google Hire users are numerous bugs, lack of customization, and difficulty in sharing hiring team feedback.

11 ApplicantStack Features Not Provided by Google Hire

For a similar price, ApplicantStack contains features that were not included (or limited) in Google Hire.

    1. Candidate scorecards
    2. Job-specific questionnaires with knockout questions
    3. Structured interviews
    4. Premium customization
    5. No contract required
    6. Advanced reporting
    7. Video interviewing integration
    8. Resume parsing
    9. Onboarding
    10. Internal HR
    11. Support by a U.S.-based team who have been with ApplicantStack for years

7 Google Hire Benefits Matched by ApplicantStack (Yes, we do that too!)

ApplicantStack contains the features you love about Google Hire.

    1. Intuitive interface
    2. Candidate tracking
    3. Ease-of-use
    4. Affordable price
    5. Ability to handle a large volume of applicants
    6. Cloud-based access
    7. No IT required
    8. ApplicantStack and Google Hire are both Indeed Star partners

8 ApplicantStack Tools and Features

Let’s discuss 8 ApplicantStack features in-depth.

Job Descriptions

It all starts with your job description. A good job description starts the process outright. Here is the template for a job description. Configure each field for each job. Save the templates to your job description library.

Questionnaires with Knockout Questions

When you can eliminate unqualified candidates at the top of the funnel, you save time for best-fit applicants. In ApplicantStack, questionnaires with knockout questions perform this task. The process is simple too but it saves you hundreds of hours:

    1. Create a custom questionnaire (application) in ApplicantStack
    2. Determine the scoring system for the questions

The candidate will complete the questionnaire before you decide whether to interview him/her. In the questionnaire form, write a question and answer for each requirement. The question should reveal whether a candidate meets a specific requirement (or set of requirements).

ApplicantStack provides several ways to structure your screening questions:

    • Yes/No answer (binary choice)
    • Multiple Choice
      • Select ONE answer from multiple choices
      • Select MANY answers from multiple choices
    • Open-text
    • Enter Date
    • Choose File Type
      • Allows an applicant to upload a file and designate the file format
    • Electronic Signature

ApplicantStack allows you to create the ideal questionnaire for your hiring needs. Want to create a custom questionnaire today? Sign up for our free 15-day trial.

Apply Scoring Criteria For Job Applications

In ApplicantStack, you create scoring rules for resumes, applications, and questionnaires. There are two ways to score each question:

    1. Assign a numeric point value or
    2. Designate it as a knockout question

You can also apply scoring rules to keywords in resumes.

When the applications start coming in, ApplicantStack will score them automatically using your rules. It will calculate a total score for each applicant. This is a first pass filter of the candidate’s match to the position. It eliminates applicants with knockout questions.

Questionnaires and scoring in ApplicantStack make it easier for you to focus on top-scoring candidates.

4 benefits of questionnaires with knockout questions:

    1. ApplicantStack automatically scores questionnaires
    2. ApplicantStack eliminates unqualified candidates before you spend time on them
    3. By automating the scoring process, you can spend your time focusing on the top-scoring candidates
    4. ApplicantStack questionnaires help create an ideal applicant journey

Posting to Job Boards

Posting jobs manually is a long, tedious process. Just like Google Hire, ApplicantStack automates and streamlines. You can post to all of your favorite job boards at once. This includes your public and internal job boards. ApplicantStack manages your logins so you don’t have to log in and out every time. Single sign-on is a huge timesaver when posting jobs to job boards.

Which Job Boards Does ApplicantStack Post To?

    • Indeed
    • Glassdoor
    • Google for Jobs
    • Juju
    • LinkedIn Limited Postings
    • CareerBuilder
    • Monster
    • Dice
    • ZipRecruiter
    • Niche sites

Note that the paid sites are enabled by inputting your account information. ApplicantStack will also post to your company career page and social media sites as well.

7 Key Advantages of ApplicantStack Job Posting

    1. ApplicantStack Supports Niche Sites and Emailed Job Postings: In ApplicantStack, manual posting links allow you to post jobs to niche sites like Craigslist. You can also email a job posting from the system.
    2. ApplicantStack Supports Internal Recruiting: Internal recruiting provides many hiring benefits. In ApplicantStack, you can set the job to post internally first. Choose the number of days. After this period, the job will post to the 3rd party job boards you’ve chosen.
    3. Multiple Application Options: When someone visits your job posting, they can apply, refer a friend or apply using their LinkedIn profile.
    4. ApplicantStack Makes It Easy For Applicants To Upload Resumes: Candidates are prompted to upload their resume via a local drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Many job candidates will view your posting on a mobile device. The resume upload options make ApplicantStack mobile-friendly. Mobile support is an important element in the ideal applicant journey.
    5. ApplicantStack Pulls Contact Details From Resumes: Contact details are parsed from the resume and input into contact data fields in ApplicantStack. You won’t ever need to manually input contact information again.
    6. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Questions: If you choose, ApplicantStack presents EEOC questions. Answers remain private and only accessible via a summary report and not by the individual candidate.
    7. ApplicantStack Notifies Both The Candidate And The Hiring Team: Upon application, the candidate will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application. The software also notifies the internal team that a new candidate is ready for review.

ApplicantStack Simplifies Job Posting

    • Post to chosen job boards at the same time
    • Organic and paid postings
    • Use a single signon for multiple job board accounts
    • Applications from all sites flow into ApplicantStack for centralized management
    • Automated applicant notifications
    • Automated hiring team notifications
    • The system parses candidate contact information from the application—no manual data entry
    • Supports internal recruiting

Collecting Hiring Team Feedback

Difficulty collecting feedback is a common bottleneck. Does this sound like your hiring team?

    • Conversations dispersed among disparate channels
    • No formal scoring system
    • Team members waste time duplicating processes
    • You lose track of applications
    • General confusion
    • Poor hiring outcomes

Collecting feedback is critical to making a good selection. But it’s impossible to do it well without capable applicant tracking software like ApplicantStack.

ApplicantStack Creates a Consolidated Rating

ApplicantStack sends each hiring team member an evaluation form. In the form, there are links to the candidate’s resume and completed questionnaire. Each team member completes the form during or after the interview. ApplicantStack combines the forms and calculates an average rating.

When each applicant has a consolidated rating, it’s easy to compare candidates. The process is also less likely to be influenced by unconscious bias.

Auto Reminders Reduce Hiring Delays

Do you have a team member who habitually forgets to send interviewing feedback? ApplicantStack helps with that as well. If someone forgets to turn in their evaluation form, ApplicantStack nudges them with a reminder email. This takes the pressure off the hiring manager.

Centralized Applicant Management

The evaluation forms and candidate ratings are stored and managed in ApplicantStack. Forget printing evaluation forms. And nobody has to maintain applicant files or log ratings into spreadsheets.

6 Benefits of ApplicantStack Candidate Scoring

    1. Electronic evaluation forms are stored and managed in the system
    2. Create custom scoring criteria for each job posting
    3. Team members rate candidates with the same scoring criteria
    4. The evaluation form links to the applicant’s resume and questionnaire
    5. ApplicantStack calculates an average rating from the collective scores
    6. Easily compare candidates with formalized scoring criteria

Want to test-drive our applicant candidate scoring? Sign up for our free 15-day trial.

Self-Service Interview Scheduling With Google Calendar

Google Hire users love how it integrates with Google Calendar to streamline interview scheduling. ApplicantStack also integrates with Google Calendar. (FYI, we also integrate with Microsoft Office 365.)

If you enable applicant self-scheduling, the candidate will be emailed a link to your scheduling calendar. When they follow the link, they will see your interview calendar. They can only schedule during a slot your hiring team has already designated.

4 Benefits of Google Calendar Interview Scheduling:

    1. Improves the applicant experience by allowing self-scheduling from a connected device
    2. Decreases time-to-hire by eliminating back-and-forth calls and emails
    3. Reduces abandoned applications due to schedule confusion
    4. Allows your hiring team to focus on top candidates instead of manually scheduling interviews

It’s getting tougher and tougher to find quality employees in today’s labor market. To be competitive, you need to provide an exceptional applicant journey. Confusing interview scheduling downgrades the applicant’s journey quickly.

Background and Reference Checks

ApplicantStack integrates with the leading background check companies. (Note that this is a paid integration.)

Background checks are generally performed following the review process before an offer is extended. In ApplicantStack, you can move this action to any point in the process based on triggers. When the background check step is triggered, an email is automatically sent to candidates asking them to complete the screening process.

For reference checks, the applicant provides the references on the questionnaire during the application process. Emails are sent directly to references. All feedback is imported into the candidate profile.

ApplicantStack Automation and Customization

Intelligent automation and the ability to customize prevent logjams. This is true for the background and reference checking stages as well as the other workflows.

    • Background screening
      • This workflow can be triggered at any stage in the hiring process
      • The applicant is automatically sent a screening email
    • Reference checks
      • This workflow can be triggered at any stage in the hiring process
      • Auto emails are sent to the applicant’s references
      • Responses are imported into the candidate feedback tab

Does ApplicantStack Integrate With Background Screening Companies?

ApplicantStack integrates with several background screening companies and we’re adding more all the time. Our current background screening partners are Accurate Now, Amerisearch, CareerBuilder Employment Screening, DISA, and Trak-1.

ApplicantStack Helps You Use Best Practices For Hiring

In this article, we have described some of the key features in ApplicantStack. You can learn more in our How to Hire Your Next Employee series. It describes how our software enables you to use best practices for hiring. The guide is invaluable for both recruiting professionals and Human Resources generalists.

Sign up for our newsletter the SwipeClock HR Review to stay up to date with today’s hiring landscape.

We’ll close with a message from one of our valued customers:

“The best ATS I have ever worked with. There is an amazing team at ApplicantStack that is very willing to work with us on any product enhancements that we’d like to see, or assist with minor projects as needed as well. They know what they are doing and are quick to help. With the ever-changing world of recruitment, I find that the flexibility is key because you never know what may be needed next! They are also always improving items I hadn’t even thought of, which is wonderful!” Ettel F., Recruitment & Engagement Specialist (Education Management, 201-500 employees.)

By Liz Strikwerda (I’m another real person at ApplicantStack. I enjoy writing about how HR technology can help you improve your hiring outcomes.)

Best G Hire Alternative: “Straightforward, Customizable, Expandable”

Best G Hire Alternative: “Straightforward, Customizable, Expandable”

Are you a Hire by Google customer? Are you scrambling to replace your hiring software? Try ApplicantStack free for 15 days to experience the smart alternative.

What’s the best Hire by Google alternative?

With ApplicantStack, you can transition smoothly. Be up and running before the new year. How about today?

Pick a replacement ATS now so you’re set for 2020 hiring.

Are you looking for…

  • An established provider with a sterling reputation?
  • A user-friendly system that can be up and running today?
  • A customer service team who understands your job?
  • Texting, customized filtering applications, and email templates?

ApplicantStack has all this and more.

When a major HR tool is discontinued, you need a hassle-free alternative.

That’s what we offer. A full-service applicant tracking system for SMBs with 10-500 employees.

This is how one of our customers describes our solution.

“Straightforward, customizable, expandable. I appreciate the ability for staff to have some control of their information and paperwork, while allowing us the ability to change how and what they have access to. Moving staff through various stages is easy. They also make it a two step thing in some ways so that you can’t easily make a mistake with someone (embarrassing moments spared). I like the ability to customize the forms we use and some of their features actually encouraged us to make electronic forms out of some of our paperwork just because it was so cool!” Casey B., Human Resources Manager

Let’s look at some of ApplicantStack’s tools:

1. Pre-Screening Questionnaires

Pre-screening questionnaires perform first-pass filtering with knockout questions. Eliminate unqualified candidates before wasting time reviewing a resume.

You are left with a manageable pool of qualified applicants. Your hiring team can spend time on the candidates that matter.

2. Scheduling Tools

ApplicantStack integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365. Applicants are already using these tools, so scheduling with them comes naturally.

Your interviewing team blocks out slots they are unavailable. If they are available, they leave the slots open on the interview calendar. You email a calendar link to the applicant. The applicant opens the calendar and chooses a pre-approved time.

Easy peasy.

3. Bias Minimization

Recruiting and hiring a diverse workforce helps your business succeed. And it helps you meet EEOC requirements.

ApplicantStack can help you prevent or minimize several types of bias. The first way ApplicantStack minimizes bias is by allowing you to create a structured hiring process. Documented workflows and checklists are the first defense against bias.

The pre-screening questionnaires discussed previously filter based on qualifications. This occurs before anyone on the hiring team makes a snap judgment and eliminates a candidate. Mindfully-worded interview scripts are the second bias minimization tool. Document your scripts so every interviewer asks the same questions in the same order.

4. Texting

You need texting. Your competitors have it. Candidates want it. ApplicantStack keeps a history of conversations that would otherwise live on personal mobile phones. Multiple people on your hiring team can text from the same number, preventing confusion. Your team communicates with applicants in a consistent, professional manner. You have a history of the conversations along with the dates and which member of the team sent or replied to the text. Candidate relationship management doesn’t get any easier.

5. Auto-Emails

Auto-emails are a dream come true for busy recruiters. Use our email templates or create your own. This timesaver is a customer favorite. You never ghost a candidate when your ATS sends emails automatically in response to hiring stage changes.

6. Document E-Sign

When applicants and new hires can sign forms online, you can process them faster. Electronic copies are automatically stored and can be accessed with a quick search. Did you know that 5% of paper documents get lost?

What do Hire by Google customers do now?

Pick a replacement ATS for G Hire so you’re set for 2020 hiring.

Replace Google Hire With a Fast Setup ATS

It’s December. Don’t start the new year without a system.

ApplicantStack is the smart choice. Here is how a client in the healthcare industry describes our system:

“Very user friendly! I’ve worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!” Hospital Human Resources Manager

Important details about the Hire by Google Sunset (According to Google)

Q: How long can I use G Hire?

A: You can continue to use G Hire until September 1, 2020 or the end of your contract, whichever comes first.

Q: Will there be additional Hire by Google feature development?

A: No, Google will not be adding new functionality to Hire by Google.

Q: Can we still export our data?

A: Yes, you will still be able to export your data until the end of your contract term or September 1, 2020, whichever comes first. Google offers free Hire data export to all customers under a current contract.

Q: Can we cancel our Google Hire contract prior to the expiration date?

A: If you’d like to cancel Hire at the end of your current contract, your G Suite Admin can do so:

  1. Log into the G Suite Admin Console
  2. Select Billing
  3. Find your active Subscriptions
  4. Select the subscription labeled “Hire”
  5. Next to “Renewal Options” change the default option from “Auto-renew my contract on xxxx” to “Cancel my service at the end of my term”
  6. You will no longer be auto renewed at the end of your G Hire subscription

Q: Will Google Hire beta features be turned off?

A: According to Google, a number of experimental features will be turned off within the next month.

Q: Does this impact our G Suite agreement?

A: No. This does not impact your G Suite agreement. There will be no changes to your G Suite charges as a result of the Hire sunset.

Hire By Google iOS and Android Apps Expire January 6th, 2020.

Are you using the G Hire mobile apps? Be aware that they expire in a few weeks. Make sure you have an ATS in place ASAP. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed at the start of a new year. (And a new decade!)

By Liz Strikwerda

ATS Solve Real-Life Hiring Problems

ATS Solve Real-Life Hiring Problems

Let’s get specific about ATS benefits.

How does an applicant tracking system work in the real world? For real-life HR professionals?

These are first-person accounts of user experiences in a variety of industries. They are from Capterra (a leading business software review site).

After each review, we’ll summarize the specific applicant tracking system benefits described.

The Hiring Process is More Enjoyable

We’ll start with something that is basic but often overlooked—how does an ATS affect your job?

“It has made our lives of sifting through thousands of resumes and applications much easier and the hiring process more enjoyable. With this software, we have been able to find quality candidates and make sure nobody slips through the cracks!”

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Processing thousands of resumes is quick and easy
  2. The hiring process is more enjoyable for the recruiting team
  3. No applicants slip through the cracks

Manage Applicants in a Single Hub

Receiving paper resumes or gathering applications from different job boards seems ancient when you experience a centralized database.

“This software is great for tracking candidates through the hiring process. It acts as a central hub for the entire hiring process. It allows you to track all of your current open positions, all of the actual job postings on the different platforms and job boards. Track the number of applicants for each job/position and individual candidate information. Track candidate application status, interview stage, interviewer notes/comments/feedback, and candidate communication and history.”

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. You can track each applicant through every stage of the hiring process
  2. All applications flow into a centralized database
  3. You can check your hiring metrics at any time

ATSs Save Reams of Paper

Making your process greener is always a worthy goal. Save trees (and banks of filing cabinets) by using electronic documents.

“We save so much time and paper—everything is on this site, and stays there. We can go back and review applications from years ago to compare to a more recent application. Now I print the applications of only the qualified candidates—save reams of paper. All job details are saved also. It has streamlined our hiring process.”

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Save time
  2. Save paper (be eco-responsible)
  3. Create a talent pipeline

Post To Numerous Job Boards Quickly

The days are over when you could rely on one job board. Recruiters have to get their jobs on numerous platforms. Posting one-by-one makes no sense. Let automation do its thing!

“It allows us to post our jobs on numerous job boards. We store templates for standard replies (such a time saver!) and easily refresh our job postings through the launch tab.”

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Post to multiple job boards simultaneously
  2. Email templates save time
  3. Refresh job postings

Save Money

“It’s quite cost-effective for what you get out of it. Other job boards and companies can be known to price gouge when it comes to postings, so a flat monthly rate is a nice change. The adoption of this software earlier this year brought us into the 21st Century (the world of everything online).”

2 Key Takeaways

  1. ApplicantStack’s flat monthly rate is cost-effective and prevents billing surprises
  2. Manage hiring 100% in the cloud keeps you on the cutting edge of technology

ATS Can Be Customized

If you are researching ATS vendors, don’t forget the people behind the product. The quality of customer support is as important as product quality.

“Customer service is quick to respond and assist with anything you need. We requested a custom application and they opted to not charge us for creating it. The overall modern look of the site is a plus as well. The partnerships with online job boards (mainly Indeed) is a major factor in applicant turnout, as that is where we receive the majority of ours from. Nearly every question you have can be answered with prewritten questions and responses for just about every aspect and function. Customization is a huge player in this software—you can order and lay out exactly how you want your data and information to be presented to you so you don’t have anything that is unnecessary.”

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. ApplicantStack’s customer service goes above and beyond
  2. Your site is modern and professional
  3. Partnerships with online job boards bring in more applicants
  4. Comprehensive knowledge base answers questions 24/7

Hiring Software Isn’t Hard to Use

Most HR professionals are fairly comfortable with business software. But don’t assume every ATS is as easy to use as your favorite phone app. Our software was designed by recruiters who know what ‘user-friendly’ means.

“It’s very easy to use and is step-by-step throughout the entire process. I love the email templates with mail merge features, the flags we are able to customize, and that you can trigger automatic emails throughout the stages.”

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Software is intuitive and doesn’t require extensive training
  2. Customer service responds to user requests
  3. Mail merge automates emails
  4. Email triggers can be customized for your hiring process

Filter Out Unqualified Candidates Immediately

The hiring process is all about communication. If you can’t track the back-and-forth, you risk losing talent. This user also mentions another biggie; custom screening questionnaires. Let your ATS handle the first-pass filtering. You have better things to do.

“Communicate with candidates directly through the application. Create applicant screening questions to filter out candidates that do not qualify for specific roles.”

2 Key Takeaways:

  1. Communicate with candidates in the software (through texting or email)
  2. Create custom questionnaires to filter out unqualified candidates immediately upon application

Default Workflows Help You Use Best Practices

As mentioned, ApplicantStack was designed by hiring professionals. Not software engineers who have no idea how hiring works.

“The default workflow is set up in a logical fashion which really helped as we weren’t sure what the best process would be. Email and job listing templates is great. The application a generates job specific links and email addresses so that you can post them in other forums.”

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Logical default workflow
  2. Job description and email templates
  3. Job specific links you can post anywhere

ATSs Improve Compliance

If your ATS can’t help you stay on the good side of the EEOC, you’re missing out on an important benefit. This user also mentions the importance of a positive candidate experience.

“Historical data storage helps maintain compliance. Candidate experience is not cumbersome.”

2 Key Takeaways:

  1. Helps maintain compliance by storing hiring data
  2. Positive candidate experience

We’ll end with this one:

“This is the best ATS I have ever worked with. With the ever-changing world of recruitment, I find that the flexibility is key because you never know what may be needed next!”

We appreciate our customers who take the time to leave a review about ApplicantStack ATS benefits.

By Liz Strikwerda


Google Hire Sunset

Google Hire Sunset

ApplicantStack is the top-rated ATS alternative to Hire by Google Hire by Google will discontinue services on September 1, 2020. We’re offering a free trial of ApplicantStack so you can see for yourself why it’s the best alternative to Hire by Google....