“Our hiring managers and applicants are really enjoying the improved experience.”

“I don’t have to worry!”

“The system if self-functioning and reliable.”

“I know all the data is there and can be easily accessed.”


Located in Tuscon, Arizona, Marana Healthcare consists of 14 conveniently located facilities. Marana is a community healthcare provider that offers services primarily to individuals who are underserved, need a sliding scale fee, or lack health insurance.


Marana’s Human Resources department relied on paperwork and did everything by hand. After receiving hundreds of applications — sometimes for a single open position — through fax, email, and walk-ins, Marana administrators had to sort through the paperwork to find the qualified applicants. The manual process was costly, slow and inefficient.


Marana needed an applicant tracking technology system that could store application data and retain it for easy retrieval. They needed a program that would allow the Human Resources department to forward applications to various hiring managers, depending on the needs of the facility. Without effective applicant-tracking technology, it is impossible to effectively screen applications and determine which applicants are qualified for the job.

Marana’s IT team discovered ApplicantStack and after demoing the software, realized they had found the provider they needed.


Marana has been able to store all application data in a simple, affordable manner. They no longer have to sift through paperwork to compare applications and double check information. With the help of custom designed questionnaires, they can pre-screen applications and determine which candidates meet the necessary qualifications. This speeds up the hiring process and ensures that Marana only hires the best of the best.

Implementing ApplicantStack has increased employer and applicant satisfaction with the hiring process.