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Whether you need to hire 1 person a year or 10,000; whether you are looking to hire a molecular mechanical engineers, truck drivers, nurses or chefs – there is a job board just for you that can help you save precious time and make more money.


Attract more applicants

Sponsor your jobs directly from within ApplicantStack. With our Indeed Apply integrations, sponsored Jobs are 4.5x more likely to result in a hire than non-sponsored jobs.

Elevate the recruiting experience

Applicants can apply wherever they find the job post, while recruiters can view all applications within ApplicantStack—streamlining the overall process and driving increased hires.

Accelerate hiring

Effortlessly upload job posts and updates from ApplicantStack to Indeed, JobTarget and more— so your most up-to-date job info will be found wherever your ideal candidate is searching.

The benefits of our Indeed integration

Our integration with Indeed Apply provides an applicant-friendly application experience on Indeed—boosting applications by up to 4x. Additionally, the integration drives convenience to recruiters by standing out in search results and incremental impact by reducing cost per apply by 20% for sponsored jobs.

Save time by posting your jobs with a single-click

Track & manage all candidates and job applications with ease

Data-driven hiring analytics

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Browse premium & niche resume databases

Through their powerful AI, JobTarget identifies the best job boards for each of your open jobs. Get the most out of JobTarget’s job board algorithms for strategic job posting that will ultimately improve your hiring outcomes.

With the WorkforceHub JobTarget integration, you will attract applicants faster and with less effort.

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"Very user friendly! I've worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!"

Megan A.

HR Manager

"It’s like Jazz HR, if you just made it better. It is a lot easier, and a lot more sustainable for our company than Jazz HR. I would recommend you guys over Jazz HR any day."

Emily L.

Corporate Recruiter

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