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Win the Hiring Race to Find the Best Laborers for Building Your Team

Today, more than ever before, construction companies are under pressure to quickly build a well-rounded team, even in a competitive hiring landscape.

ApplicantStack’s Construction Recruitment Software helps you sift through applicants more efficiently, track all vital documents and communicate seamlessly with top applicants—helping you find and hire the best laborers for your company.

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The hiring challenges for construction hiring managers

Whether it is the shortage of skilled laborers, the competition for competent talent, or the ever-evolving skills required to meet the advancement in technology, construction recruitment has faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years. These challenges have extensive implications for companies seeking to find and retain skilled laborers to meet the growing demand.

Through the significant work done with numerous construction companies, ApplicantStack has refined its applicant tracking and construction recruitment process to ease the burden on construction organizations and their recruitment teams.

“The software itself is great—very flexible, customizable, and easy to use. It packs a punch with minimal cost to our HR budget. My favorite thing about ApplicantStack is their customer service. If I ever need a change done to a template, they are answering me back within minutes… seriously. We love that we can have all applicants apply in one place. If we post outside of ApplicantStack, say Craigslist, it is very easy to insert the hyperlink to the job listing on ApplicantStack. We no longer have applicants coming in from everywhere.”

- Debbie P.

HR Specialist, Construction

Streamline applicant tracking and recruiting tasks for construction

Recruiting, communicating and hiring skilled laborers takes a lot of time and resources.
Here are just a few ways ApplicantStack can help you:

Attract, hire & onboard qualified candidates

Find laborers looking for work where they are and before other contractors do with ApplicantStack’s all-in-one applicant tracking system. Take advantage of AI filtering tools to efficiently identify candidates with specific skills when needed.

Amplify job posts on construction job boards

Take advantage of ApplicantStack’s preferred sync with Indeed and all the benefits that come with it. Additionally, ApplicantStack integrates with many construction-specific job boards to connect with skilled laborers.

Accelerate the hiring of skilled laborers

Get new roles in the market instantly and screen candidates automatically to find a good fit. Then easily stay engaged through a centralized communication hub and straightforward onboarding.

You don’t have to take our word for it.

"Very user friendly! I've worked in several different ATS and this has been the easiest one yet!"

Megan A.

HR Manager

"It’s like Jazz HR, if you just made it better. It is a lot easier, and a lot more sustainable for our company than Jazz HR. I would recommend you guys over Jazz HR any day."

Emily L.

Corporate Recruiter

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