Talent Acquisition Trends to Expect in 2023: Part One (Internal Movement)

Jan 17, 2023
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In this six-part series, we’ll explore some of the talent acquisition trends to expect in 2023. A shifting job market has changed the way people think about their careers and progression opportunities, putting more power in the hands of the employer. As you explore these trends, consider how you can adjust your company’s recruiting and hiring practices to adapt.

Part One: More Internal Movement

The job market has shifted dramatically recently, going from “hot, hot, hot” to “somewhat uncertain.” As a result, many workers are looking at different forms of career growth. Instead of seeking work with another company, many employees are moving upward internally. By ditching the corporate ladder and seeking to climb the company lattice instead, talented professionals have succeeded in achieving their career goals while maintaining a sense of stability.

Invest in Workforce Planning

What does this mean for you? Your hiring practices might need to shift, along with your internal training opportunities. Instead of hiring from outside, consider which current employees might be a good fit for an open position. Workforce planning needs to become part of your strategy, which involves identifying and addressing employment gaps. If growth is part of your business strategy, workforce planning is a critical step in that goal.

Offer Training Opportunities

A company can also make a big difference in the lives of its workers by investing in talent development. Developing the skills and abilities of every member of your workforce is a must, and it requires careful planning for proper execution. Provide regular training and options to gain certifications in relevant topics. Ensure that your internal staff members have the chance to re-skill or upskill and use their new or improved skills to seek internal advancement.

Nurture Top Employees

Of course, nurturing your workforce is an essential aspect of building and maintaining a strong company culture. But you can keep a short list of promising employees, offering tailored career development opportunities and customized career paths based on their skills and expertise. Investing in your employees is a win-win: Your workforce is happier and more engaged while your talent acquisition efforts improve. It’s also easier to fill skill gaps and open positions when hiring stalls out or you struggle to find an external candidate who checks all the boxes.

Internal movement is sticking around for the foreseeable future, so it’s worthwhile to consider how your company can promote and support its current employees.

Next up, we’ll cover the expansion of contract work as another 2023 hiring trend.

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