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Hiring Your Perfect Next Employee: The Ultimate Guide

At some point in your role as a hiring manager you’re going to be faced with the question of how to hire the perfect employee. Hiring an employee is one of the most critical functions you can fulfill as a hiring manager. Hiring an employee is a lot like getting...

NEW! ApplicantStack – Stack Overflow Careers

ApplicantStack and Stack Overflow have now integrated. June 10, 2015 - Stack Overflow is the most active community of software developers on the Internet. ApplicantStack and Stack Overflow have now integrated allowing you access to this pool of software developers by...

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New Feature! Post Jobs on

ApplicantStack is excited to announce the ability to post to through your job’s Launch Tab. To start using this new feature you will need a paid posting account. Any administrator can set this up by going to the Setup menu in the top right corner and...

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Is Your Hiring Process “Scaring” People?

OK, "Scaring" might be a little intense, but some hiring processes aren't that far off. With multiple interviews, lack of communication, and lengthy online applications processes – applicants will actually avoid filling out applications with companies if they’re too...

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Confirming a Stage Change

Have you ever made a stage change to an applicant stage by mistake? Did you want to make a simple notation as to why an applicant’s stage was changed but you needed an easier way to do it? Or maybe you didn’t want a particular email to be sent when changing this...

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