The Job Offer: The Offer Letter [with Templates]

Mar 20, 2022
Recruiting Best Practices

Once you’ve made your hiring decision, it’s time to extend a job offer! Keep in mind, however, that the deal is not done until the offer is accepted.Let’s discuss the final step in bringing on that perfect new team member.

What is a Job Offer and What Does it Include?

Let’s recap where we are in the hiring process. First, we created a job description and posted it to job boards. Secondly, when the applicants started flowing in, they self-filtered with a questionnaire that contained elimination questions. Thirdly, when the process isolated a pool of qualified candidates, we started reviewing applications and resumes. Fourth, we performed phone screens to determine which applicants to interview. Fifth, we we conducted interviews. Seventh, we made our selection for the top candidate. Lastly, we are ready to offer the job.

There are three main components in the job offer process:

  1. Creating the offer letter
  2. Communicating the offer to the applicant via phone call and email
  3. Receiving their acceptance (hopefully!)

Don’t Delay!

It’s important to remember, however, that when you’ve made a selection, the clock is ticking! If possible, telephone the same day they complete their final interview. Never forget that you have competition. Now that you have identified this person as the ideal candidate, you can be certain others have as well. In fact, the applicant could be waiting for job offers from several of your competitors.

How to Make a Job Offer Telephone Call

Before you write a script for the phone call, confirm a timeline such as start date. Include all pertinent information even if it seems unnecessary. Indeed, repetition prevents misunderstandings. Let’s review some pointers for the job offer phone call:

  • Be excited! You want your new hire to feel your enthusiasm.
  • Clearly tell them that you are formally extending the offer and explain:
    • Start date
    • Job title
    • Compensation
    • Contingencies if necessary (background check, drug screening, reference check, I-9 verification)
      • Ideally, you have already completed these, but you may be waiting for a background check service to complete their investigation or references to get back with you and don’t want to delay any longer.
  • Ask if they can accept over the phone
  • Notify them that you are sending an email with the formal job offer letter
  • Ask them if they have any questions and answer them thoroughly

What Do You Include In a Job Offer Letter?

After the phone call, send the offer letter email. Note that the job offer letter initiates the employer-employee relationship. Therefore, it must be a comprehensive document similar to a legal contract.

These are the basic elements in an offer letter, but your business may require additional information:

  • Position/Title
  • Name/Position of Supervisor
  • Reporting Structure
  • Work Schedule/Location
    • Full-time or part-time
    • General work hours
    • Shift, if applicable
    • Hybrid or remote work
  • Employee Type
    • Overtime exempt/nonexempt
  • Job Duties
  • Base Salary/Wage
  • Equity, if applicable
  • Bonuses/Commissions
  • Wage Disclaimers, if applicable
  • Benefits and Eligibility
  • At-Will Employment

Job Offer Letter Template



[Company name] is delighted to offer you the [full-time, part-time, etc.] position of [job title] with an anticipated start date of [start date], contingent upon [background check, drug screening, etc.].

As the [job title], you will be responsible for [brief mention of job responsibilities and expectations].

You will report directly to [manager/supervisor name and title] at [workplace location]. Working hours are from [hours of day, days of week].

The starting salary for this position is [dollar amount] per [hour, year, etc.]. Payment is on a [weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.] basis by [direct deposit, check, etc.], starting on [date of first pay period]. In addition, you will be eligible to receive [discuss additional compensation potential].

[Company name] offers a comprehensive benefits program, which includes [medical insurance, 401(k), paid time off, etc.].

Your employment with [company name] will be on an at-will basis, which means you and the company are free to terminate employment at any time, with or without cause or advance notice. This letter is not a contract indicating employment terms or duration.

Please confirm your acceptance of this offer by signing and returning this letter by [offer expiration date].


  • [Signature]
  • [Printed Name]


Conditional Job Offer Example

Here is letter for a job offer that is contingent on unfinished processes.

Dear Kimberly

It’s our pleasure to offer you the position of ICBM Propulsion Equipment Specialist, which is a full-time exempt position. The starting salary is $85,000 with a start date of August 1, 2022. This job offer is conditional upon a drug screening performed by an outside service. This conditional offer is valid until July 5, 2022.

Please complete the test before July 1, 2022. We’ve attached instructions for scheduling and completing the test.

If you agree to the terms of this job offer, please sign below and return this letter by June 5, 2022. If you accept this offer, we will contact you when we receive the screening results.

We are excited to have you on our team!

[Your Name and Job Title]

Candidate Signature: ____________________

Printed Name: _________________________

Date: ______________________________

For more information, see: How to Write an Offer Letter to Impress New Hires (9 Points + Template)

Important Documents to Accompany Offer Letter

Depending on the position, you may need additional documents. For example, confidentiality and noncompete agreements. In addition, you may need invention assignment and intellectual property terms.

Rejection Letters for the Finalists

Of course, when your candidate accepts, you’ll need to let the other finalists know that they have been eliminated. Make sure you give these letters as much thought as the offer letter. After all, the applicants who make it to this stage are high performers that are interested in working for your org. Plus, they have spent time in interviews and taking assessments. Therefore, end the process on a positive note so they’ll be more likely to apply for future positions.

Rejection Letter Example

  • Date
  • Name of Applicant
  • Applicant’s Address
  • City, State, Zip Code

Dear (Applicant’s Name):

Thank you for your application for the position of shipping coordinator at DLT Industries. As you can imagine, we received a large number of applications. I am sorry to inform you that you have not been selected for an interview for this position.

The DLT selection committee thanks you for the time you invested in applying for the shipping coordinator position. We encourage you to apply for future openings for which you qualify.

Best wishes for a successful job search. Thank you, again, for your interest in our company.


  • Real Person’s Name and Signature
  • Example: HR Director for the DLT Employee Selection Team

(The Balance Careers)

Rejection Letter Template from Indeed

1. Subject line with company name and job position

  • Dear [Applicant Name],

2. Thank the applicant for applying and taking the time to do a phone screen, video interview, or in-person interview.

  • “Thank you for taking the time to submit an application for the open marketing coordinator role.”
  • “We appreciate you taking the time to interview for the customer service representative position.”

3. Tell them you’re no longer considering them for the position

  • “Unfortunately, we are no longer considering you for this position.”

4. Explain why you aren’t considering them

  • “Currently, we’re looking for a candidate who has more experience with Angular JS.”

5. Point out some positive aspects about their qualifications/interview

  • “However, your communication skills and knowledge about the role are impressive.”
  • “We were impressed with your ability to connect with the hiring team, which our company highly values.”

6. Explain that you’ll consider them for future opportunities

  • “We would like to keep your resume on file for future opportunities.”

7. Encourage them to apply for more positions

  • “We encourage you to apply for any open positions that fit your interests and qualifications.”

8. Positive closing message

  • “Thank you again for your time and good luck in your efforts.”


Next Steps? Employee Onboarding!

Your ideal candidate has accepted your job offer. Hooray! You can’t rest, however. It’s time to maintain their enthusiasm with great onboarding. We discuss onboarding in detail here: The Onboarding Process–Steps and Checklist.

ApplicantStack Offer Letter Templates

Fortunately, there is easy to use software that automates the job offer process. ApplicantStack allows you to build templates for all types of candidate communications. Creating an offer letter template in your ApplicantStack document library is easy. Add as many merge fields as needed. A merge field imports information you have recorded elsewhere–candidate’s name, address and job description, for example.

The candidate will receive an email including the offer letter and can sign the acceptance electronically. The offer letter will then be available in the candidate profile record.

The Benefits of Using ApplicantStack For Extending Job Offers

  1. Create offer letter templates for each position—you will always be ready to extend an offer
  2. Merge fields in letter templates allow you to import information stored in the system
  3. Brand your offer letter with your company logo and colors to reflect your company brand
  4. Electronic signature allows your perfect candidate to accept the offer upon receipt of the email

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