How a Healthcare Talent Pool Can Support Hiring Efforts

May 28, 2024
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The healthcare industry continues to experience rapid growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field projects 1.8 million openings per year through 2032, both due to employment growth and the need for replacement. These roles include all levels, from support staff to providers and administrators, emphasizing the importance of a robust hiring strategy for all organizations operating in the healthcare space. Explore the benefits of building a healthcare talent pool and how to simplify the hiring process with the latest technology.

What is a Healthcare Talent Pool?

A healthcare talent pool is a database of qualified candidates, built by an organization in this industry to fill open roles as they become available. In order to build this type of database, a company must maintain the contact information and other details about various individuals who meet the criteria for being hired. Previous applicants, those who engage in related groups online, social media followers, previous employees, and internal prospects may all fit into the talent pool.

Those involved in the recruiting process must take an active role in building a talent pool, as they have access to the information of people who might be considered for future roles. When a position opens within the organization, a hiring manager can review qualified individuals in the pool, rather than opening the job up to a wider audience of potential applicants.

4 Benefits of Building a Healthcare Talent Pool

Review some of the benefits of establishing a healthcare talent pool to support your hiring needs.

Cultivates trust

Building trust with potential new hires is vital in today’s market. Skilled, qualified healthcare professionals can be a bit pickier about where they choose to work, which means you’ll be competing for top talent. But by maintaining transparency with those who are selected to remain in the talent pool, you can establish a trusting relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Simplifies the hiring process

Hiring can be a time-consuming process that requires multiple stakeholders to put in a lot of effort. Between creating and posting a job description, reviewing applications, performing screening tasks, scheduling and conducting interviews, reviewing references, and extending offers, simply bringing on one person can take many hours.

But with a pool of screened and vetted individuals, many of these steps in the process are eliminated. You can reach out to those who are qualified for open roles, providing details about the position and gauging their interest level. A phone interview may be all it takes to determine whether the person is a good fit, or you may prefer an in-person meeting. No matter the situation, you’ll certainly save time and effort.

Provides access to qualified individuals

When you post a job, it’s likely that you’ll get as many as several hundred applications, according to an article on LinkedIn. The average corporate job opening gets approximately 250 applications, which means those involved in hiring are sifting through a lot of potentially unqualified individuals.

By contrast, heading straight to your candidate pool provides quick access to qualified, skilled individuals. You can skip the process of posting a job, focusing on people who have shown interest in working for your organization in the past to save time.

Reduces the time to hire

In healthcare, teams rarely have time to wait for a lengthy time-to-hire process. The quality of care provided within the facility or by support staff depends on having a full team of people, each performing their own duties. Reducing the time spent on the hiring process can protect those who entrust your organization for care and treatment, as well as provide support to the other members of the team.

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