Post Your Indeed Sponsored Jobs Directly from ApplicantStack

Post Your Indeed Sponsored Jobs Directly from ApplicantStack

Do you use Indeed to advertise open jobs at your small business?

ApplicantStack Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration

We’re excited to announce that ApplicantStack’s new Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration will help you reach qualified talent faster. From within ApplicantStack, you can post a job to your Indeed Sponsored Job account with a couple clicks!

Indeed Sponsored Jobs allow you to target candidates you might not reach through organic search. Sponsored jobs on Indeed are 4.5X more likely to result in a hire. Sponsoring a job on Indeed will help you reach a diverse and high-intent audience to expand your pool of quality applicants.

Review applicants, store communication templates, create hiring workflows and build talent pipelines faster than ever with ApplicantStack. Its intuitive interface allows you to post jobs to Indeed without leaving the software, match applicants’ profiles with your job descriptions and communicate directly with candidates via email or text.

Control Your Posting Budget

You determine the amount you can spend on pay-per-click, and Indeed charges you only when a candidate clicks through to view your job.

Hiring Analytics Are a Must-Have

You will also have detailed campaign performance data that will help you track and optimize your Sponsored Job campaigns in your Indeed account.

In addition, ApplicantStack analytics track metrics such as time-to-hire and hires by source. This allows you to measure the performance of job boards, social media sites, and employee referral programs to identify the most effective hiring channels. Plus, by tracking applicant time per hiring stage, you can spot bottlenecks in your process so you can streamline your workflow and shorten time-to-fill.

With an ATS, You Can Hire Faster

To build a team that can move your company forward, you need every advantage you can get. As the labor market has become increasingly competitive, many small businesses have taken steps to shorten the hiring process. With automated screening and filtering, ApplicantStack helps you quickly isolate a pool of qualified candidates to engage with. Then, use ApplicantStack to move the top candidates through the hiring stages as quickly as possible. Auto-emails and texting make it easy to send frequent updates and answer candidate’s questions. This is important because lack of communication increases the risk of the candidate ghosting you.

Small Business Outlook for Summer 2022: 8 Key Findings

Let’s look at the most recent data on factors affecting small business hiring for Q3 and beyond.

  1. Unemployment is holding steady at 3.6 percent–about the same as before the pandemic and the labor force participation rate increased slightly last quarter to 62.3% as more people entered the job market. (BLS)
  2. 89.5% of business owners still believe hiring new employees is somewhat or very difficult. (SCORE)
  3. Total employment among the smallest employers (1-19 employees) dropped approximately 0.7% in the last quarter. (NAPEO)
  4. 33% of small businesses surveyed reported that financial growth has stalled due to open roles, 27% said they have lost customers, and 24% have experienced delayed product launches due to hiring woes. (Indeed)
  5. 32% of small business owners say that inflation is their single most important problem (NFIB)
  6. On average, it takes small businesses about 4.5 weeks to find the right person for an open role and more than 1 in 5 (22%) say it takes up to two months (Indeed)
  7. Nearly 1 in 5 small businesses (18%) cite lack of the right hiring technology as holding them back in finding the right people. (Indeed)
  8. 37% of small businesses have increased flexible work options to retain workers. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

How can my small businesses find more candidates without raising wages?

If you’re a small business struggling to attract qualified talent, here are some tactics to consider.

  1. Strengthen financial planning benefits.
    • Rising inflation (79%) is employees’ top financial concern, followed by adequate retirement planning (59%), with employees currently contributing significantly more to retirement. (BrightPlan)
  2. Provide cross-functional training and experience.
    • Job seekers are prioritizing companies that can help them progress in their career.
    • Offer tuition reimbursement to employees who want to advance their education (require a year of employment as a qualification and don’t reimburse until they graduate from the program).
  3. Offer internships.
    • You’ll be able to introduce early-career employees to your company, vet them, and offer permanent positions to the top performers.
  4. Consider neurodiverse candidates.
    • 1 in 45 U.S. adults are on the autism spectrum and the unemployment rate for this group is 30% to 40% higher than workers with another type of disability.
    • Companies with significant numbers of neurodivergent employees report retention rates over 90%. (Autism Spectrum News)
  5. Participate in economic development programs if they are available in your community.
    • Some offer free employee training and grants or low-interest loans
  6. Offer part-time positions to expand your talent pool.
    • Job board searches for part-time positions have increased.
    • Be open to older workers who are coming out of retirement to work part-time.

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ApplicantStack’s New Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration Boosts Job Visibility and Analytics 

ApplicantStack’s New Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration Boosts Job Visibility and Analytics 

At ApplicantStack, we’re always looking for ways to help employers find the right talent fast. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Indeed to launch our new Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration. The integration lets you promote your jobs to 250M visitors on Indeed using ApplicantStack and gives you the performance data you need to optimize your hiring. 

The Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration optimally advertises your jobs on Indeed to increase the likelihood of hire by 4.5x. With data-driven matching technology built on 16+ years of hiring data and job seeker insights, Sponsored Jobs displays your jobs to candidates who are most likely to apply — helping you attract quality applicants. Sponsoring a job on Indeed will help you reach a diverse and high-intent audience to expand your pool of quality applicants. 

Shine spotlight on your need-to-fill roles 

ApplicantStack already provides a free integration with Indeed that allows all your job postings to directly feed into Indeed. You can now use the new Indeed Sponsored Jobs integration to bolster your job postings. With thousands of jobs added every month, Sponsoring jobs can help you gain more visibility and attract more talent. Sponsored Jobs are 4.5X more likely to result in a hire. 

Track and measure your sponsored campaigns 

This new integration brings you the robust data and analytics you need to evaluate your Indeed Sponsored Jobs campaigns. Since you will use a company-specific Indeed account to sponsor jobs, you’ll have access to Indeed Analytics. Indeed Analytics lets you see the clicks, applies, and other metrics associated with your sponsored campaign. 

Easily analyze and share campaign ROI 

Indeed Analytics gives you the data you need to assess campaign performance. 

See how many times your sponsored jobs have been shown and clicked on and what your average cost per click is, so you can confidently report on current performance and use that data to help plan future sponsored campaigns. 

Why Indeed?

Indeed is the world’s #1 job site, with over 250 million unique visitors every month and sites in over 60 countries. By providing access to great talent from all different fields, Indeed helps employers of all sizes find and hire the right talent. 

Integrating with Indeed optimizes the hiring process, improves the job seeker experience, and helps employers find the right hires, faster. When you opt-in to the Indeed integration, external jobs that you create or update in ApplicantStack are sent directly to Indeed via an XML feed. This ensures that your most up-to-date job content is available in their free search results. Need to increase your job visibility or reach more quality candidates? Pay to promote your job postings on Indeed. 

To learn more about how Indeed helps millions of job seekers and employers find the right fit every day, visit: 

Get started 

When you create new jobs in ApplicantStack, you’ll be asked if you want to sponsor them before you post. If you don’t have an Indeed account, you’ll be prompted to create one when you sponsor a job. Once you’ve completed your first sponsorship in ApplicantStack, visit to verify that your campaign is live and your account is set up correctly. 

Want to sponsor an existing job? You can start today in just a few easy steps: 

  1. Choose the job you want to sponsor in ApplicantStack 
  2. Click “Sponsor Job on Indeed” 

  1. Follow the prompts to sign in to your Indeed account 
  2. Select budget and dates for the campaign 
  3. If this is your first time sponsoring a job, you should visit to verify that your campaign is live and complete your one-time account setup.

If you have questions about this new integration, please contact us at (919) 646-8425