ApplicantStack + Indeed Integration: Webinar Recap

Mar 29, 2023

Indeed is the top job site in the United States, with 250 million unique monthly visitors. The company’s mission is to help people get jobs. ApplicantStack, a top-rated and award-winning applicant-tracking system, teamed up with Indeed to provide a helpful integration that allows hiring managers and business owners to get open positions in front of the right audience. Vanessa Pierre, a partner manager at Indeed, and Brandon Peterson, an account manager at ApplicantStack, co-hosted a webinar to cover this integration, along with details around Indeed’s search engine and algorithm.

Understanding Indeed’s Search Engine

Pierre kicked off the webinar with insights into Indeed’s history and success among jobseekers, with over 16 years of providing hiring insights and resources to help recruiters get their positions in front of top candidates. According to recent data, roughly 70 percent of Indeed’s users are on mobile, which emphasizes the importance of optimizing job ads for those browsing on their phones and tablets.

Recruiters must engage with talent continuously in three main ways:

  • Relevance: Including the right keywords in titles and making strategic investments into sponsored jobs
  • Meaningful: Sharing content that draws talent, performs well in searches, and uses outbound tools
  • Authentic: Actively curating the employer brand on the company page and maintaining consistency throughout all interactions with jobseekers

The Indeed Algorithm

Some of the key factors that impact a job posting’s relevance through the Indeed algorithm include:

  • The length of time a job has been posted
  • The quality of the content within the ad
  • The strength of employer brand
  • The physical location of the job
  • Reviews (from past and current employees)
  • The historical clickthrough rate

It’s critical for employers to incorporate quality keywords in job postings to get in front of those looking for related jobs. All Indeed employer accounts have access to helpful hiring insights on keyword performance data and trending analytics. This data is highly useful in creating engaging and relevant postings.

The quality of the title also factors into the visibility of each posting. Word count matters: The suggested title length is 60 characters (10 words) or less for desktop users and 35 characters (five words) or less for those on mobile.

Details matter to jobseekers, so it’s important to think about what to include as it relates to each position. For example, a retail staff member might look for details around the pay, including the rate and frequency, as well as the shift, location, and available perks. But a retail management candidate may look for things like growth opportunities and bonus structure. Include the right details as they pertain to the person who would look at the ad.

Indeed Sponsored Job Integration

Sponsoring a job increases visibility substantially, making it a worthwhile investment into your hiring and recruiting strategy. According to Indeed, sponsored jobs get 80 percent more applicants than non-sponsored jobs. Recruiters can also sponsor jobs, manage applicants, and view analytics, all from one place.

The Indeed integration built into ApplicantStack makes it easier than ever to create and update sponsored jobs. You can edit, stop, or pause your listings from the applicant-tracking platform and develop intelligent campaigns that optimize continuously to boost the return on investment. You only pay for results, or when a candidate clicks on the listing. Indeed doesn’t charge flat posting fees.

All you need to get started is access to ApplicantStack (plus a payment method) and a job that you posted organically on Indeed. Once the listing has been live for 48 hours, you can then sponsor it to boost awareness and get it in front of more candidates. Then you can sit back and watch as applications start to flow in, helping you to find the right candidate for the job.

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