A Positive Candidate Experience is Crucial – Here’s How to Do it Right

May 8, 2023
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Did you know that 95% of job seekers who click on a job ad will never finish filling out an application? Since the cost per click increased 54% in 2021 and 43% the year before, according to Appcast, the cost of losing the attention of candidates has skyrocketed. In order to cut through the noise, a positive candidate experience is becoming increasingly critical to drawing and retaining top talent.

The Pillars of a Positive Candidate Experience

A successful candidate experience is built on several key elements. Together, these factors help create an environment where each job seeker feels valued, respected and motivated to pursue opportunities with your organization. More recently, these three pillars have become a focal point for many employers:

  1. Candidate-focused job application: Write clear, concise and engaging job descriptions that accurately reflect the role’s responsibilities, requirements and career potential. Be sure to highlight your organization’s unique selling points and employee benefits. A well-written description not only attracts the right job candidate but also helps them understand how they can contribute to your organization’s success.
  2. Inclusive hiring practices: Develop and implement inclusive hiring practices that promote diversity and eliminate potential biases, including using a dedicated talent board and diverse platforms to advertise a job opening. These standardize interview questions and train your hiring team in diversity principles. You can foster an inclusive environment that appeals to a wide range of applicants.
  3. Post-interview follow-up and closure: Provide timely follow-up and closure to each potential candidate after an interview, regardless of whether you make an offer. Informing candidates of their status promptly shows respect for their time and effort, leaving them with a positive impression of your organization. Give constructive feedback if you can; they’ll appreciate the candor and it helps maintain an open line of communication for future opportunities.

Empowering Your Employer Brand Through a Positive Candidate Experience

Understanding the connection between a better candidate experience and employer brand is essential for success. A strong brand communicates your company’s values, culture and commitment to employee growth and satisfaction. Showcase these qualities and create a desirable image for potential team members.

To make the most of candidate engagement, incorporate it into your marketing. Encourage prospects to share their positive experiences with your company, both online and offline. Use testimonials, success stories and social media to showcase your commitment to giving candidates a great experience. This not only reinforces your brand reputation but also helps spread the word that your organization is an excellent place to work.

Measuring candidate experience is another part of continuous improvement. One way to gauge success is using candidate experience surveys. They provide valuable feedback on your hiring process and help identify stages of the recruitment process to enhance. 

How to Implement a Candidate-Centric Hiring Process

Many traditional hiring methods are failing to deliver the desired results. According to Linkedin, 73% of hiring managers find it challenging to discover the right talent for their company. Many recruitment issues can be resolved by reworking strategies around candidates, rather than expecting candidates to adapt to outdated processes.

Here are some of the ways to achieve this goal:

  • Simplify your application process: Keep your application form short and user friendly, asking only the most relevant questions to avoid overwhelming job seekers. Appcast reports that in 2021, nearly 70% of job applications were submitted via mobile devices. Make sure your listings are mobile-friendly to make it easier for applicants.
  • Prioritize communication: Keep each applicant informed throughout the recruiting process, sending timely updates on their application status and providing clear next steps. You can reach candidates where they are, on their devices, by staying in contact via text.
  • Utilize technology: Use an effective applicant-tracking system to improve the candidate experience by automating tasks, optimizing the hiring process and ensuring a seamless application venture. 
  • Personalize the experience: Tailor your candidate communication to reflect the applicant’s specific skills, background and interests. Show that you have taken the time to review their application and understand their unique qualifications.
  • Demonstrate your company culture: Share information about your company’s culture, values and commitment to employee growth and satisfaction in the job description. Candidates should envision themselves as part of your organization and have a strong incentive to join.

ApplicantStack plays a pivotal role in shaping a positive candidate experience, setting your organization apart from competitors. Quicker feedback, a personalized candidate journey and inclusive recruitment practices allow you to attract and retain top talent with ease. Harness the power of ApplicantStack to elevate your hiring and onboarding process and strengthen your employer branding, ultimately securing a diverse and highly skilled workforce that will propel your business forward.

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