New Feature: Export your resumes and applicant data

New Feature: Export your resumes and applicant data

Export ScreenshotThe newest feature added by our engineers to our ApplicantStack applicant tracking software is the ability to export resumes and other job and applicant data out of ApplicantStack. As usual, we chose to add this functionality to the system after hearing from our customers that exporting data out of ApplicantStack was important to them. Why go through the trouble of exporting your data? We heard a number of very good reasons from our customers.

Some customers want to keep a local database of all their applicants for local queries and integration with their other HR systems. Others said they were required by their company’s privacy and information security policies to keep a backup of all their applicant data. And of course some just want to be able to take their data with them if they ever leave ApplicantStack (although who in their right mind would?).

Here’s how to download an export / backup of your data:

  1. After logging into your account, go to Setup->Export
  2. Click the links to download the SQL Export and/or Attachments.
  3. The SQL Export file is a single SQL file that you can use to recreate your job and applicant database (minus resumes and other attachments) in a SQL-compliant database like MySQL or SQL Server.
  4. The Attachments file is a single zip file containing all your attachments (resumes, etc)
  5. These files may be large if you have a lot of data in your account. For large data files we recommend that you use a download manager like Free Download Manager.

Your export data is updated every day and you can download the data as often as you need. Export is only available to paid accounts.