Today we want to announce two new enhancements for ApplicantStack.

We’ve made an enhancement to our Email Template feature.  We’ve always had mail  merge codes available for you to customize your Email Templates.  Previously you had to print a copy of this list from our support portal, but now you have access to them as you customize your Email Template.  Simply click the “Show Mail Merge Codes” at the bottom of the email message text editor and the code will insert at your current cursor position.  You can also add these merge codes to the subject of the email as well by typing the code in the subject line.  To access your templates, click the Library Tab, then click the Email button on the left menu.

Also we have made changes to our pricing structure for Premium Placement on SimplyHired.  Based on customer feedback, customers were not interested in the partner network, therefore we changed the SimplyHired premium posting offering from $175 for 30-days premium placement on SimplyHired plus their partner network, to $65 for 30-days premium placement on SimplyHired without the partner network.

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