As you read through the backgrounds of hundreds of people who apply for your open jobs, do you find yourself scratching your head and thinking…. “Why in the world would this person apply for this job? He’s a mail clerk and I’m looking for a Technical Writer or she’s been working for McDonalds for three years right out of high school and this position requires a BS degree and five years of sales experience!”  If this is happening more than you would expect, it might be a good idea to revisit your job postings.

I know, you’re going to say, “it states right here—BS degree required.”  Could it be that maybe to save time, your job posting was copied and pasted from a two page job description and the information is buried in there somewhere?  At the other extreme, maybe you just posted a few brief and vague lines from the job summary?  While your professional time is important and limited, you’ll either “pay now or pay later”.  It’s probably more prudent to take the time now to create an effective job posting than wasting your time later reading resumes and responding all those unqualified applicants.

I doubt the applicants who are looking for employment now, are going to take the time to read through two pages of text? And if the summary you posted is too broad and general, there’s a chance everybody may think they could do the job! Keep in mind that job seekers may be reviewing hundreds of job postings to decide where they want to apply.

Think of your job posting as an advertisement—a communication tool that describes why your company is a great place to work and who will be successful in the job.  You don’t have to include every last detail but rather be sure to include the primary responsibilities, and the “must have” credentials and experience.  Try to avoid long paragraphs and run on sentences by using bullets to list what it is you want to convey. Your job title should indicate what level you are looking for—senior, associate, entry level,  lead, etc. Make sure your job posting is concise, interesting, and informative.  While reviewing your job posting, try putting on your job seeker’s hat and ask yourself…. Did I give too much, too little, or just enough information for the job seeker to say…this job is right for me?