How Recruiting Software Can Improve your KPI’s in 2015

If your key performance indicators took a slump in 2014, you should look at investing in the right recruiting software to help improve performance. A recent survey done by Software Advice, an HR & Recruiting Technology Reviewer, explains how software can significantly improve key performance indicators (KPI’s) like, like Cost-Per-Hire, Time-to-Fill, and Quality-of-Hire. In fact, according to […]

HR Etiquette: How to Tell Candidates They Didn’t Get the Job.

We’ve all been there – applying for a job, then waiting anxiously by the phone while compulsively checking email, hoping for a status update on where we stand in the hiring process. For applicants, sometimes the hardest part of the process isn’t hearing the bad news that they didn’t get the job – it’s the […]

Social Media Recruiting: Five Reasons Why it’s Not Working.

Social Media Recruiting: Five Reasons Why it’s Not Working.

Social media can be a powerful tool to attract more applicants and expand the reach of your job postings, but only if used the right way. Many companies just who are just beginning to invest time and resources into social media end up ditching this platform, because they […]

How to Make Your Job Postings Searchable on Major Job Boards

With over millions of job searches each month on major job boards like Monster, Indeed, and Career Builder, are you doing enough to make sure your job posting stands out? When you think of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO), you probably think it pertains to online marketing and websites, right? You wouldn’t automatically associate it with […]

Top 5 Non-Traditional Interview Questions all Hiring Managers Should Ask

Ever hired someone only to realize six months later that not only were they mediocre (at best) in their job performance, but the complete opposite of what you expected them to be as workers and team players? Some applicants have almost “mastered” the interview process giving perfect, well-rehearsed answers to job-related questions to land the […]

New Feature Release! Custom Email Signatures

Now you can add a personalized touch to your emails by creating custom signatures with ApplicantStack’s top-rated applicant tracking software! With this new feature, users can choose to have their own signature with images as well as a system signature for the entire account.

How to set up custom email signatures: For individual users, create and edit your […]