You know what ApplicantStack can do, but what can it do for you?

Let’s talk about how ApplicantStack can help you and your organization (Spoiler: It pays for itself in the first month).

Find the Right Candidate:

So much time and money is wasted in employee turnover. Our software simplifies the review process and makes it easy to see which candidates are a good fit for the position and for the company.

Reduce Hire Time:

When a position remains unfilled, your company loses money. Productivity stalls, you sell less, the quality of your service may suffer, and your other employees become over-burdened.



average hire time by 2-3 months.
“ApplicantStack is worth every penny, it pays for itself immediately.”

Get First Dibs:

There’s a ton of competition for top talent. ApplicantStack helps you stay in communication with your hottest prospects, and go from application to offer much faster. There’s less time for them to be swayed by another offer.

Limit Mistakes:

We’ve all been there – two Michael Smiths apply, and the wrong one comes in for an interview. Or that application you loved suddenly goes missing, and now your top prospect is lost forever. We keep your applications in one secure location, so you never have to scramble to get what you need.

Make Your HR Team Happy:

You hired smart people to manage your human resources – but they’re just shuffling papers. Free up their time with our efficient tool, so they can get back to what they do best – hiring top talent, and keeping them happy and engaged.

That would be enough.

But if you really want to knock your HR out of the park, add our Onboard software too. ApplicantStack Onboard means:

  • Fewer errors transcribing hard-to-read handwriting.
  • The paperless system stores documents digitally, freeing up much-needed office space.
  • An easier process for new employees, making their transition to your organization painless and easy.
Saves Up To 4 Hours

Saves up to 4 hours

in just posting and advertising a new position.
“I didn’t know life could be this manageable for a recruiter.”

Need to convince your boss?

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